Ersties Lucy 21 years Intimate Moments - 25 July 2019 (1080p/photo)

26-07-2019, 15:56
Ersties Lucy 21 years Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments with Lucy
Gorgeous Lucy is not a newbie here at Ersties and we are very happy to welcome her back for her very own Intimate Moment! As you may well be aware, Canadian Lucy is an adventurous soul, moving to Berlin to full explore her sexual side amongst like-minded people. Sex clubs, threesomes, BDSM, group sex and a super-hot latex fetish are just a few of the desires Lucy loves to indulge. Often attending clubs fully naked, Lucy loves to be watched whilst fucking. It is always a pleasure watching her having fun here with Ersties! Lucy simply loves to perform so be prepared for a kinky Intimate Moment with a lot action!
Ersties Lucy 21 years Intimate Moments

Intimate Moment: “It feels like sex on your skin!”
When kinky Canadian Lucy, who is currently living her dream life in Berlin, showed us her video for her first Intimate Moment, we were blown away! Wearing one of her favourite latex outfits, she wanted to explore her kinky side for the Ersties community! With a zip at just the right spot, Lucy is as excited as we are and ready to tease us! We don’t want to give away too much, except that after opening up the zip, the real action starts!
Ersties Lucy 21 years Intimate Moments

If you get the opportunity to watch Canadian Lucy in front of the Ersties cameras (or in one of Berlin’s sex clubs) then it must be taken! Occasionally wearing latex, Lucy’s love of kink will turn you on just as much as it clearly turns her on!
Ersties Lucy 21 years Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments:
Lucy is a girl that doesn’t get too tired after her first round, so she decided to continue her very Intimate Moment on the sofa. Naked and knowing that we are hanging on her every move, her incredible boobs moving in the rhythm, Lucy begins playing with her Dildo! It is no secret that Lucy loves to be watched fucking and/or masturbating (or both at once!). Playing with her nipples or using two toys at once, it is a real pleasure to get to know her more intimately today!
Ersties Lucy 21 years Intimate Moments

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