Ersties Julia H. Masturbation - 12 September 2019 (1080p/photo)

17-09-2019, 10:34
If everyone would feel the same as Julia from Cologne, the world could even be a much better place… The German girl loves to be naked whenever she wants, preferably at exotic and warm places or today at Ersties!
Ersties Julia H. Masturbation

Intimate Moments with Julia
The Intimate Moments series is something we are very proud of. It is a unique opportunity to get to know our Ersties girls even better because they can decide what they want to show to the Ersties community. Julia from Cologne was very attracted by that idea, so she wanted to be a part of it!
As a girl who loves to travel the world, she just came back from Australia, the 29-year-old admits that her sex life comes out short. One-night-stands don’t impress her very much, so masturbating on her own and with her toys are the reasons the natural beauty always has this content smile on her face. An infectious smile!
And we also learn that Julia is a secret fan of all things anal. At first with her fingers until one of her dildos comes into play. It’s just so hot to watch every second of her first shoot for Ersties! A master in all things solo action!
Ersties Julia H. Masturbation

Intimate Moments: “I am very nervous but also very horny!”
The feeling of having nothing on your skin, except the warm rays of the sun, walking around naked whenever she feels like it, is the best feeling ever for 29-year-old Julia from Germany. Getting caught might be also one of the reasons! Today though, the natural beauty is very happy to show us for the first time her gorgeous naked body and hides her nervousness with coming straight to the point – an erotic massage and a content smile when playing with her fingers and favourite toy because Julia is a secret fan of anal!
Ersties Julia H. Masturbation Ersties Julia H. Masturbation

Intimate Moments: An Anal Ride into Happiness
After the first part of Julia’s shoot for Ersties, the girl next door (who we know by now that she isn’t really) is in the mood to turn our heads around! It is no secret anymore that her fingers can perform wonders but that is just one part of this special Intimate Moment. Heated up, the cutie gets out her favourite dildo for some vaginal & anal fun! A ride into orgasm dream land!
Ersties Julia H. Masturbation Ersties Julia H. Masturbation

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