Ersties Ida Masturbation - 16 September 2019 (1080p)

17-09-2019, 11:33
We are mesmerized by the natural beauty and serenity of the girl from Berlin! As a single, Ida can act out her sexual preferences like BDSM or role plays with men & women. The main thing is the fun! An Ersties girl ticking the boxes!
Ersties Ida Masturbation

Ida ticking all the (Ersties) Boxes
Sex is all about fun, we can all agree on that! Ida from Germany is 23 years old and loves being under the pulse of the moment, especially when it’s about fucking. For her first shoot with Ersties, the blonde just wants to have fun and we definitely share this desire! Ida likes to explore sexual fetishes like BDSM and always wants to enjoy more. For example, role plays are not alien to her. Imagining her as a sexy teacher or nasty stepsister… just the thought of it makes us horny! Even though the gorgeous girl from Berlin never says no to a penis, she would love to have sex with more women. And as we are using our mental cinema so much – who knows what Ida’s Ersties future will bring (wink, wink)!
Ersties Ida Masturbation

Ten Fingers for Ida’s First Shoot
For some, Ida embodies the Berliner with her natural playful look. For us, she is just perfect how she is, most of all her body is amazing and we can’t wait to see more! For her first Ersties shoot, the blonde babe makes herself comfortable on her red sofa, focussing on her great bum, starting it slow. But we can assure you – the more you watch, the rougher It gets! Ida is no angel and loves it deeeep!
Ersties Ida Masturbation

Intimate Moments: An Anal Ride into Happiness
After the first part of Julia’s shoot for Ersties, the girl next door (who we know by now that she isn’t really) is in the mood to turn our heads around! It is no secret anymore that her fingers can perform wonders but that is just one part of this special Intimate Moment. Heated up, the cutie gets out her favourite dildo for some vaginal & anal fun! A ride into orgasm dream land!
Ersties Ida Masturbation

A Face says more than a Thousand Words
After some (colourful) solo action, German girl Ida wants to show us more. So, her little blue vibrator makes its appearance and first gives her an erotic massage all over her body until it is used for what it is for… from behind or front, Ida’s first shoot with Ersties promises fun & orgasms!
Ersties Ida Masturbation

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