Ersties Leana Intimate Moments - 24 September 2019 (1080p/photo)

29-09-2019, 01:06
Ersties Leana Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments with Leana
We are sure that you will agree with us that American beauty Leana has that certain something, that girl next door vibe that wants us to get to know her a little bit better. And because she is a curious as us & you, the result is this amazing Intimate Moment that you have the privilege of watching today! Isn’t it cute how excitingly the hot brunette talks about her sexual adventure with friends playing truth or dare? But her shy smile doesn’t distract us from what Leana really hot for... doing striptease wearing the most sexy white lace dessous to make us horny. This Intimate Moment shows how much fun it is to let yourself go for the Ersties camera. Laughter mixed with ecstatically moaning is what we want to hear from the 19-year-old! As well as her pussy and the Ersties Community...
Ersties Leana Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments: Truth or Dare
Wow! Leana is simply put the hottest & cutest girl of today’s shoot! If her sexy body hasn’t already convinced you, it will be her (moaning) voice that doesn’t want you to stop this amazing Intimate Moment. Leana describes herself as a little geek who seems very shy at first but there is definitely more behind that cute smile! This very intimate shoot reveals her naughty side and how much fun it is to get off!
Ersties Leana Intimate Moments

Cutie Leana is from the East Coast where she enjoys being a competitive pc gamer. Yeah, you wouldn’t expect that, but her love for gaming is as big as her experience in online dating. What a date with her looks like is what she shows in her first shoot!
Ersties Leana Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments: A Clitoral & Vaginal Adventure
After the amazing first part of Leana’s first shoot and Intimate Moment for Ersties, the second part can’t come soon enough – so here it is! We are not only excited what the 19-year-old brunette, after experiencing the magic she can do with her fingers, will do with her dildo friend but also how gorgeous she will look like penetrating herself!
Ersties Leana Intimate Moments

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