Ersties Aislin and Ellie Lesbian - 7 November 2019 (1080p/photo)

8-11-2019, 01:21
Ersties Aislin and Ellie Lesbian

Intimate Moments with Ellie and Aislin
Two Eastern European girls, both blonde and with a cute smile, found each other and luckily for the Ersties community, want to show their little romance in front of the camera! It’s not any camera but their own & they decide what to show to us – welcome to Ellie’s and Aislin’s Intimate Moment! We know both blondes from other shoots here at Ersties but this one is special. To film at home and do whatever they like is in the sense of Ellie & Aislin, with big plans to do it again! They don’t have many things in common except meeting girly girls and playing with them… with fingers, tongues and anything else they can get hold of! Ellie and Aislin match and especially in front of the camera! How gorgeous, hot and unmissable can fucking with a girl be!? They’ll show us!
Ersties Aislin and Ellie Lesbian
Blondes like it hot and we like them hotter! Ellie & Aislin are beyond a doubt 2 gorgeous girls who met at work and have since then a little love story going on. This Intimate Moment is an insight into the blondes’ sex life that is not to be missed!
Ersties Aislin and Ellie Lesbian

Intimate Moments: A Lesbian Love Story (that hopefully never ends).
Don’t you agree that working in the same shop, never seeing the other beautiful blonde and as chance would have suddenly meet and fall for each other sounds like a movie coming true? This happened to Ellie & Aislin and we are very happy it did! As two VERY sexy and pussy-loving girls you can image how amazing it is that they decided to shoot their Intimate Moment for Ersties. Kissing, endless licking & spoiling awaits you!
Ersties Aislin and Ellie Lesbian

Intimate Moments: How to Treat a Girl’s Pussy right.
We are still breathless with excitement after the first part of Ellie’s and Aislin’s extremely hot Intimate Moment that we can’t wait what they will show us next… as two girls with amazing bodies, blonde hair and the will to spoil each other, licking & fingering & penetrating with a pink dildo is what Ellie and Aislin just love to do! And with so many different positions that this shoot seems endless (in a positive way of course).
Ersties Aislin and Ellie Lesbian

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