Ersties Kitty F (Pregnant) Intimate Moments - 14 November 2019 (1080p/photo)

15-11-2019, 04:12
Ersties Kitty F (Pregnant) Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments with Kitty
Our Intimate Moments series is here to give you the chance to get to know our wonderful Ersties Girls better. Today’s shoot is rather special because Ersties Girl Kitty from Australia has some news to tell! Maybe you have already noticed, the blondie is pregnant and wants you to be part of how amazingly sensitive her body can be. It is not the first shoot for Kitty, she shot a hot threesome with Jada & Faith before (that she absolutely recommends). This time the Australian invites us into her bedroom, where she feels her angel-like, sexy body, touching hard nipples and masturbating for great orgasms! But Kitty also loves to play with pain. With whips and spanks her pussy and bum like it a bit rough, what makes her as horny as us! In the end the prize is Kitty’s cute and exhausted and happy face…
Ersties Kitty F (Pregnant) Intimate Moments
Kitty from Australia has a very special aura – with her white hair and skin, lovely voice, positive world view and… pregnancy! With it, she loves to touch her sensitive body even more. Intense orgasms are promised in her very own Intimate Moment!
Ersties Kitty F (Pregnant) Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments: Angel-like and penchant for Pain
If someone is excited about today’s special shoot, it’s Kitty. She shot with us an incredible hot threesome before, and can’t wait to show you how she loves spending time on her own and with her sexy pregnant body. Pregnancy means sensitivity and intensity on a next level… nipples and orgasms feel so much better! For today Kitty brought a whip because pain is her secret passion. With her angelic face she´s teasing us to get horny as fuck!
Ersties Kitty F (Pregnant) Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments: Coconut Oil is all She Needs…
We are very happy that Kitty is back with her special Intimate Moment. Be part of when the angel-like Australian discovers her new body in a very sensual way. All she needs is coconut oil, her fingers and her sensitive pussy to get a loud orgasm! But one is not enough for the 22-year-old. We are spoiled to watch her lovely face reacting to a pink vibrator… a heavenly perspective!
Ersties Kitty F (Pregnant) Intimate Moments

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