Ersties Anna H 23 years Masturbation - 28 November 2019 (1080p)

29-11-2019, 08:29
Anna seems to have a kind of mystical lasciviousness with her dark hair and white skin, soft-spoken voice and tendency to naughty experiments. For her first shoot with Ersties she even has a little heart-shaped surprise for you…
Ersties Anna H 23 years Masturbation

Intimate Moments with Anna H.
An Intimate Moment shoot as a first video for Ersties is always a good idea – you can get to know the girls in a way they want you to. It’s the girl’s choice to choose what to talk about and what to show! For Anna, it's a dream come true to show her intimate moments with you! The thought of being watched gives this Russian beauty tingles… perfect qualifications for being part of our Intimate Moments series. And it’s not just about Anna’s fantasies but also about making them a reality. She ticks all the boxes for a mind-blowing shoot! Your excitement is worth it because Anna, with her gorgeous body and lasciviousness shows you how hot it is spending time with yourself… and some toys!
Ersties Anna H 23 years Masturbation

Intimate Moments: Hair black as Ebony, Skin white as Snow.
We have to admit that Russian girl Anna has something fairytale-like about her. Amazing dark eyes, long black hair and a certain restraint that makes us want her even more. But what Ersties regulars already know – never judge a book by its cover! As soon as Anna’s camera is recording, the beauty knows exactly how to tease us…. playing with her big boobs or fucking herself with her fingers… it’s just magical!
Ersties Anna H 23 years Masturbation

Intimate Moments: Anna’s heart-shaped Surprise
Being part of our Intimate Moment series is something Anna is very excited about. That’s why she’s brought some toys with her to show us what this bisexual girl is into. Nevertheless, it’s good to know that the 23-year-old doesn’t get winded very quick as she likes to smack her bum until it’s red… and to show us how her black pubic hair adorns her pussy in a heart-shaped way!
Ersties Anna H 23 years Masturbation

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