Ersties Maren Intimate Moments - 19 December 2019 (1080p/photo)

20-12-2019, 23:27
Ersties Maren - Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments with Maren
For her first solo shoot with us, 25-year-old Maren from Colorado invited us into her bedroom for a very private shoot… one where she can choose whatever she wants us to see. As part of our Intimate Moments series the cute American is ready, not just to show how cute she is, but to also show us she is a lot naughtier than you may think! Maren is the definition of a hippie – an art, travel and nature loving girl that likes to be surrounded by her pets. Her free spirit and all natural body is simply irresistible. And all this in one Ersties shoot... Don’t wait too long and just press play to see hair, boobs shaking, a very wet pussy and intense orgasms that Maren enjoys as much as you will.
Ersties Maren - Intimate Moments
Maren’s first solo shoot with Ersties had to be an Intimate Moment. What could be better than her choosing what she wants us to see! As a creative and all natural American girl she has a lot of ideas on how to turn our heads!
Ersties Maren - Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments: „My Boobs are my Favourite Part“
A quote like this makes us happy and excited… and not just about Maren’s amazing boobs but her hairy body as well, of which she likes every part of. The 25-year-old describes herself as a hippie that is into art and travelling and who seems shy at first but after watching the first part of her Intimate Moment video, you’ll know that Maren can be quite naughty! Hard nipples, boob grabbing and an incredible (wet) view of her hairy pussy are things she’s playing with... and we love it!
Ersties Maren - Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments: Maren’s Miraculous Tongue
We are wowed by Maren’s first part of her Intimate Moment shoot with Ersties and her incredible orgasm, that the second part can’t come soon enough! Back on her bed, fingers touching and spoiling her pussy, it is unmissable that the cute American enjoys every second. How to use a glass dildo for oral fun or penetration is what Maren loves to demonstrate to us – don’t wait and press play!
Ersties Maren - Intimate Moments

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