Ersties Aubrey Masturbation - 7 January 2020 (1080p/photo)

30-01-2020, 21:45
Ersties Aubrey Masturbation

Intimate Moments with Aubrey
Living the student’s dream – that is how the very cute Canadian Aubrey describes her life. Reading books, taking walks during fall and being a plant mum are things she likes to do, but more than that she is always game for a nice, long bath. And if you now fantasise about Aubrey in a bath, your dreams will come true! For her first shoot and Intimate Moment for Ersties, the brunette chose her favourite place to spend time on her own, the bath. Expect a little striptease, big boobs with hard nipples and a gorgeous girl being comfortable in her own skin. Aubrey just loves touching herself and if possible, more than 5 times a day! Always say yes to opportunities is her motto and we love this positivity that Aubrey brings with her! Say yes to masturbating as much as you want! Say yes to feeling hot in front of the camera! Say yes to sharing it with the Ersties community!
Ersties Aubrey Masturbation
In Aubrey’s words, today we get to know her goofy side as well as her very sexy side. The Canadian likes to laugh and take long baths… and she will show us why in her very hot Intimate Moment. It’s getting splashy!
Ersties Aubrey Masturbation

Intimate Moments: 5 Orgasms a Day? Aubrey says Yes!
After watching only the first few seconds of Aubrey’s first shoot for Ersties, we are already in love with her cute smile and big brown eyes. Being really excited and nervous, the girl from Canada tells us about her hobbies and love for her own pussy. A sexy bath session is not only in her favour but also yours, so watch as Audrey shows off her lovely curvy body, drives us wild with how close she wants us, and listen to the splashy noise when she masturbates! A wet dream come true!
Ersties Aubrey Masturbation

Intimate Moments: A very, very, very close Shot
Wow! Being wet could have different meanings and Aubrey showed us why… back from her sexy bath session, her skin needs some moisturizer and why not do it in front of the camera? The second part of the cute Canadian’s shoot continues in her bedroom where she is again ready to show you how much she loves her pussy. We recommend putting the volume up and the full screen on because Aubrey enjoys a big close-up with her toys!
Ersties Aubrey Masturbation

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