Ersties Rylee (28), Selina S (25) Lesbian - 12 February 2020 (1080p/photo)

12-02-2020, 23:43
Do you fancy hot power play? Then don't miss this sexy session with the submissive Selina. The Swede discovers her kinky side by giving herself over entirely to the leading hand of Canadian girl Rylee...
Ersties Rylee and Selina S. Lesbian

Selina Tries it as a Sub
The stunning Swede Selina has had no experience with BDSM games. But since the sweet student likes to have a say in dirty party talk, it was high time for Selina to find a dominant partner for a first try.
Fortunately, we were able to help her with the task! We introduced Selina to Canadian Rylee - and sparks immediately soared between the two! Breath control or rimming, watch the girls slowly and incredibly erotically approach the topic of "power play"...
Ersties Rylee and Selina S. Lesbian

That's why the Girls Fancy Sexual Powerplay
28-year-old Rylee and 25-year-old Selina tell us in this taboo-free Ersties interview why they got involved in a shoot with the topic "Powerplay". The girls lick, finger, rim and experiment with blindfolds and vibrators - find out which of the erotic varieties they liked best!
Ersties Rylee and Selina S. Lesbian

Blindfold, Breath control & Rimming
The tension between these two is within your grasp. In this Powerplay session, Rylee shows us how to do it so that a lady like Selina flinches under the slightest touch. And the submissive Swede gets really loud when Rylee changes from tender to rough...
Ersties Rylee and Selina S. Lesbian

Revenge on Rylee
After Canadian girl Rylee proved her dominance over the Swedish Selina, the sound of orgasmic moans is already in the air. Now it’s her turn to give herself over to her submissive side and eagerly await Selina to give her a unique climax...
Ersties Rylee and Selina S. Lesbian

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