Ersties Denise and Paola C. Lesbian - 13 February 2020 (1080p/photo)

14-02-2020, 05:15
Ersties Denise and Paola C. Lesbian

Intimate Moments with Paola C. and Denise
When best friends decide to shoot an incredible, hot video for Ersties and especially for our Intimate Moments series, we can all consider ourselves very lucky. There is no better way of expressing each other’s adoration than naked in their full beauty and ready to pleasure vaginas, feet and nipples! That is the reason we love Paola and Denise from the south of Spain, who show us how a Spanish summer should look when thinking of two beautiful girls spending time together. It’s not about talking a lot, more about fucking a lot! Pressing each other’s faces into their pussies, licking like there is no end and presenting breathtaking sex positions… Well, we’re all booked for our next flight to Spain! A paradise where besties love to fuck in the hot sun. And if we’re lucky, they’ll capture every second on camera for you, to be watched today!
Ersties Denise and Paola C. Lesbian
What comes to your mind when thinking of a Spanish summer? We think two Spanish girls who can’t wait to take off their clothes and start rubbing their sexy bodies (and pussies) against each other! Paola and Denise are feisty and full of excitement!
Ersties Denise and Paola C. Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Don’t Talk Much, Let’s Fuck!
Paola and Denise from the South of Spain don’t just have very cute accents, they also wow us with their closeness as best friends with benefits! A good reason to do an extremely hot video for our Intimate Moments series, showing us how well they know each other. In well-matched outfits the beauties start intensely kissing every part… no doubt they (and their feet and pussies) enjoy every second of it!
Ersties Denise and Paola C. Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Spanish Eyes and Spanish Pussies
Denise’s vagina is not ready to be finished after what Paola’s face did with her in part one of their first Intimate Moments for Ersties! Every part of the cute girls’ bodies is treated in the best way possible – kissing, masturbating and licking. And if you want to see how (because there are many different ways of how girls give pleasure), why wait and click play! A little hint just for you… rubbing pussies and an incredible 69!
Ersties Denise and Paola C. Lesbian

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