Ersties Emma E Masturbation - 27 February 2020 (1080p/photo)

28-02-2020, 17:06
Ersties Emma E Masturbation

Intimate Moments with Emma E.
Emma, from near Cologne in Germany is 22 years old and likes spending time with her friends, as well as with her cute cats. But the hot brunette also has a few, more intimate preferences about which she is excited to talk about with us. For her very first solo shoot with Ersties, Emma has planned some incredible solo action! Passionate kisses and tender loving care as well as rough sex, that’s all Emma likes to do when in a relationship or with a sex partner. It’s easy for her to distinguish her feelings and her urges to be fucked by a girl, boy, or in a threesome (which she would like to do again). In her Intimate Moment today though it’s all about her and how she likes to treat herself when on her own. When Emma starts touching her pussy from behind or using her dildo to put it deep inside, all of the wait for the German girl was worth it!
Ersties Emma E Masturbation
For her very first solo shoot, German cutie and cat mum Emma is excited to show you her love for masturbation and toys. As a passionate and easy-going girl, threesomes, women and men make her fantasise a lot!
Ersties Emma E Masturbation

Intimate Moments: From Cat Toys to Sex Toys
Emma E. from Germany is currently single but not in her mind – all the love she can give is reserved for her cats. But that makes her only more amazing than she already is. Emma is keen on girls and boys and can easily have a sex partner just for fun. When no one is around, the cutie LOVES masturbating, like once a day! And how she likes doing it is what Emma is here today to show you!
Ersties Emma E Masturbation

Intimate Moments: Emma’s Pussy Deserves a Golden Dildo
Part one of the first solo shoot of German hottie Emma blew us away by how sexy she feels in her own skin while having fun with her fingers… and with an incredible orgasm! Today she continues her solo session with some toys. A golden dildo that Emma likes to put deep inside her vagina and leave it there plus a vibrator to massage her sensitive points.
Ersties Emma E Masturbation

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