Ersties Ida and Maike Lesbian - 4 March 2020 (1080p/photo)

13-03-2020, 17:37
A first time licking and a first time with anal beads! Ersties virgin Maike from Austria has never fucked a girl but chose the best partner to deflower her – our Ersties favourite Ida who is also excited to try something new today.
Ersties Ida and Maike Lesbian

Two Times a First Time Makes… the Perfect Ersties Shoot!
Ersties regulars know Ida from other amazing shoots with us and today she brought her beautiful friend Maike from Tirol. This shoot was exciting for both girls because both experienced something for the very first time... one a teacher, the other the apprentice and the other way around! In her cute Austrian accent Maike is open to talking about never having had sex with a girl before (and has never even kissed one). With the help of Ersties she wanted to gain the experience of getting to know all about fucking girls and her friend Ida is the best partner to do it with! With her knowledge and empathy, every first time will be amazing. But our German hottie Ida also experienced something new today. Anal-lover Maike brought some anal beads that Ida was allowed to try… the result was a shoot full of fun and moaning!
Ersties Ida and Maike Lesbian

When Girls Talk about Memorable Sex Experiences…
…they never just reveal one and obviously we want to hear them all. Ida is still enthusiastic about her Love Train shoot with Ersties and Isabella, and Maike loved fucking her boyfriend in a bush and both nearly got caught! Something for your inner cinema! The girl from Tirol admits that she has never had sex with or even kissed a girl before. Therefore, Ida feels very honoured to show her blonde and cute friend how amazing licking, fingering and playing with dildos can be!
Ersties Ida and Maike Lesbian

A Romantic and Cheesy Playground for Maike and Ida
Can there be a better place for a first girl-girl experience than on a white and pink bed with two incredible sexy girls wearing even sexier lingerie? We know the answer is no because Maike and Ida fulfil the dreams of a romantic defloration. Turned on by her blonde friend, Ida likes to see what’s underneath Maike’s pants and bra and the anal-lover loves every touch Ida gives her pussy and nipples. The highlight: anal beads that promise a lot of moaning!
Ersties Ida and Maike Lesbian

Teaching and Testing
Maike and Ida’s first Ersties shoot together is filled with fun, sweetness and new experiences. It is Maike´s first experience with a woman and German girl Ida is the perfect teacher for what to try out and what’s fun. That is why the Austrian blondie is good at applying what she has learned: licking pussy, penetrating with a dildo and a lot of kissing. This cute couple look damn hot together!
Ersties Ida and Maike Lesbian

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