Ersties Sam and Julia P Lesbian - 13 March 2020 (1080p/photo)

14-03-2020, 03:29
Ersties Sam and Julia P Lesbian

Enter the Most Erogenous Zone
Both Sam and Julia are already known to the Ersties community. From the start, there is a mutual attraction between the girls, it’s as if they had been waiting for each other. Having the same eye color is not the only thing in common between them, they both also intuitively know where the erogenous zone of the other is. It doesn't take long for them to understand how to bring each other to orgasm. It’s fitting that they both like a firm touch, but it leaves them wanting more. It seems only natural that both Julia and Sam would be open to a sequel, and they still have a few ideas in mind that they would like to try out.
Ersties Sam and Julia P Lesbian

Matching Preferences
Julia finds Sam's eyes particularly beautiful, Sam wants to kiss every part of Julia's body and they both want to explore the erogenous zones of the other. Julia and Sam are still very entwined even after sex and cannot keep their hands apart while sitting on the bed sharing their thoughts with us.
Ersties Sam and Julia P Lesbian
Julia and Sam are the right fit for each other. They both have the same colour eyes, both are shaved, and both immediately found each other’s erogenous zones... And understood intuitively how to stimulate each other without fear of contact and shame.
Ersties Sam and Julia P Lesbian

Sam Comes Twice
After Sam's tongue brought Julia to climax in part 1, part 2 continues seamlessly. Julia takes control and spoils Sam with a dildo, who comes twice with her firm grip. Sam willingly stretches her butt out for Julia, because Sam loves to be penetrated.
Ersties Sam and Julia P Lesbian

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