Ersties At the Library Lesbian - 20 March 2020 (1080p/photo)

21-03-2020, 13:26
Are you are a lover of „Public Sex"? Then this is for you! Students Holly and Ida should raher be learning, but instead of poring over scientific literature, Ida shows us how to approach the action of bringing an erotic novel to life in an uni library.
Ersties At the Library Lesbian
Bookworms in the Adult Department
Holly and Ida love good literature and great sex. How can you combine both? How about a dirty walk through the library! Of course, browsing through new literature is not enough, and holding hands is not enough either for the Ersties girls...
Ida was supposed to be studying, but instead she kidnaps Holly between the bookshelves of an university to convert theoretical book knowledge into erotic practice.
In two sex sessions, the two kiss, rub and lick each other to more than one forbidden climax...
Ersties At the Library Lesbian
Attention, Adrenaline!
Before Holly and Ida try to secretly have sex in the university library, the two tell us why they are so excited about this adventure. Are you afraid of being caught?

These Bookworms Do It in the Library
"Lady Chatterley's Lovers", "Lolita", "Salt on Our Skin" or "History of O", the world of literature is full of dirty stories! Our Ersties girls Holly and Ida were inspired by these erotic stories and dared to experiment... in the university library! What do you think, were the pair caught or do they have enough material for a sex novel themselves?
Ersties At the Library Lesbian Ersties At the Library Lesbian
Sex Seminar
Holly and Ida book a free seminar room in the university library to slide their fingers and tongues into each other's pussys. This lesson is guaranteed to offer more than just intellectual highlights…

How Do You Feel After Having Sex in the Library?
These two girls just fucked in a university building. In this open afterglow interview, Holly and Ida tell us whether they were caught and what the orgasms in public felt like.
Ersties At the Library Lesbian Ersties At the Library Lesbian

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