Ersties Julia P and Ayan Lesbian - 24 March 2020 (1080p/photo)

25-03-2020, 00:31
Get off the couch and into life. Ayana and Julia like their homes and they like sex. So today, they left their partners on the sofa and met to get hot with each other.
Ersties Julia P and Ayan Lesbian

Open Relationships
Julia and Ayana liked it at Ersties, so now they’re back for more! Both of them live in open heterosexual relationships and when they’re not having sex with their partner at home, they like to go to parties and to get to know other couples. Ayana likes BDSM and Julia likes sex in places where you could possibly be discovered... oh yes! Also sex by the sea, because being naked on the beach always feels hot. At Ersties and without their partners around, the two girls have a lot of fun with each other. Ayana has an eye on Julia’s ass and likes to caress and spank it a lot. We also think that Julia’s ass is so beautiful it deserves extra special treatment, and there’s nowhere better for this than on the coffee table! Being pleasured on the table in the middle of the room has something royal about it. For sure, she does look very queenly!
Ersties Julia P and Ayan Lesbian

Sexy Fantasies
Ayana says that she has experienced a lot sexually and doesn’t know what else to try out in terms of new sex adventures. Julia says it too, but there are still a few things on Julia’s mind that she would like to experience. Julia especially feels very hot by the image of having sex in public places. It's not about getting caught, because in reality getting caught while having sex in public usually feels uncomfortable and embarrassing, but the idea that it could happen brings an extra kick of excitement. We also think this fantasy has its charm!
Ersties Julia P and Ayan Lesbian

Sexy Hole
Tights are sexy and torn tights are even hotter! Ayana knows that, because before Julia licks, fingers and brings her to climax, she tears Julia’s nylons apart and then gently caresses her bare and perfect buttocks.
Ersties Julia P and Ayan Lesbian

The Queen Gets Pleasured on the Coffee Table
Ayana spends a lot of time getting hot with Julia’s ass before she turns her on the coffee table to lick and finger Julia’s vagina. It looks exciting as Julia sits enthroned on the table in the middle of the room, being fingered, licked and massaged by Ayana, it’s almost like Cleopatra and her sexy servants.
Ersties Julia P and Ayan Lesbian

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