Ersties Nicole R, Luna R and Caireen Lesbian - 2 April 2020 (1080p/photo)

21-04-2020, 12:16
Ersties Nicole R, Luna R and Caireen Lesbian

Intimate Moments with Nicole R., Luna R. and Caireen
We are always very happy about the videos our Ersties girls send us for our Intimate Moments series, and we are even more delighted when it is by three amazing girls that filmed themselves during a spectacular threesome! And all of this while tucked away in a cosy house in the forests of Canada… Nicole, Luna and Caireen have shot with us before, either with a friend or on their own, but it’s the first time these girls have done a video all together to warm themselves up in the cold north of America. Well, it gets hot quite quick, but we don’t blame them! For one, the girls love to touch and lick each other and for another, it’s a threesome! What the two gorgeous blondes and the cute redhead have in common is their love of hiking and nature... maybe that’s why they chose this location for today’s incredible Intimate Moments shoot. Moving like three goddesses it is a pleasure to watch Nicole, Luna and Caireen enjoying themselves.
Ersties Nicole R, Luna R and Caireen Lesbian Ersties Nicole R, Luna R and Caireen Lesbian
Oh, it’s cold outside in Canada but Nicole, Luna and Caireen can think of something that will warm them up immediately… and we don’t mean a cosy fire! These ladies love to lick each other’s pussies as much as we’d like to be part of the threesome.
Ersties Nicole R, Luna R and Caireen Lesbian

Intimate Moments: The First Threesome for Nicole…
…and we anticipate that it’s going to be an amazing one! Although Nicole admits that she has had orgies before (so she basically skipped ahead), Luna and Caireen are very excited to have the honour of being Nicole’s first threesome. In the cold wintery weather, it is also the best way to warm yourself up, in particular by starting with a lot of kissing, touching bums and adoring all the boobs. There is nothing hotter than watching three gorgeous girls filming themselves being naughty!
Ersties Nicole R, Luna R and Caireen Lesbian

Intimate Moments: In a Row Full of Pleasure
First the shirts, now the pants have to say their au revoirs! Canadian Nicole is the first to get to know the licking and fingering skills of her hot friends… but all of them want to enjoy this amazing time together and what we get to see is an incredible row full of pleasure! Luna can’t get enough of Caireen’s tongue, whose pussy enjoys being touched by Nicole and so on... A perfect picture, Ersties style!
Ersties Nicole R, Luna R and Caireen Lesbian

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