Ersties Lena S. 24-year-old Masturbation - 30 April 2020 (1080p/photo)

1-05-2020, 11:05
Lena could be described as the most open-minded, adventurous and toughest girl from Switzerland. As a horse expert, she not only likes to ride horses.. Today she treats herself to some alone time with her favourite toys and rewards us with a great orgasm.
Ersties Lena S. 24-year-old Masturbation

A Swiss Girl With a Passion for Riding
For Lena, riding means happiness and pleasure. When she’s with her horses she is herself and likes to give that feeling to other people when teaching them how to ride. This passion is not just present in the stable but also in her bedroom! Lena happily tells us all about it in her first shoot with Ersties. Sympathy is important for the 24-year-old, as well as being fun, having a mutual understanding and openness because if a boy or girl wants to get to know her or just fuck her, all of this has to be right. And if it feels right, you can have a lot of fun with Lena. Oral sex, outdoor sex, group sex and the possibility for her to squirt makes everyone want to hook up with her! The first shoot is always very exciting for the Ersties community and the Ersties girl. Lena is one of a kind and that’s a reason in itself why you have to watch this shoot, not to mention her gorgeous body and even greater way of presenting herself in front of our camera!
Ersties Lena S. 24-year-old Masturbation

“I Like to Have a Wardrobe Full of Men”
Lena from Switzerland has a very deep and erotic voice with which she loves to talk about her passion for horses and her work, what fetishes she has and what’s a no-go when wanting to get to know her. With her unique look, she definitely stands out in a very sexy way, and she is single, good news for both men and women! Depending on what she wants to do, Lena can choose from her lovers and friends and either fuck them or just go bowling. It’s as easy as that!
Ersties Lena S. 24-year-old Masturbation

Blue is the Warmest Colour
Indeed, Lena has a thing for blue and shows it on different parts of her body. Either with her lovely hair that falls down on her curves or her nails that lead us to the main part of her first shoot with Ersties – Lena’s breasts, nipples and vagina. The Swiss girl likes it on the rougher side and at the same time teases us by touching herself everywhere half hidden… until a pink highlight gives her the intensity she needs!
Ersties Lena S. 24-year-old Masturbation

Can You Spot Lena’s Secret Piercing?
It’s obvious the 24-year-old girl from Switzerland likes to adorn herself with tattoos and piercings and it makes her even more attractive. In the second part of her video, if you look close enough you might spot another piece of jewellery... We also highly recommend that you watch Lena enjoying some time with her favourite toy, which is a guarantee for a great orgasm.
Ersties Lena S. 24-year-old Masturbation

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