Ersties Treasure Hunt Lesbian - 1 May 2020 (1080p/photo)

2-05-2020, 06:13
2 Ersties girls, 2 vibrators and 3 envelopes – these are the components of the Ersties Treasure Hunt with Lucinda and Katana! The goal is to have a playful and naughty day while fulfilling each task. And the reward will make you speechless!
Ersties Treasure Hunt Lesbian

Throwback to the Summer of 2019
When we think of how to treat the Ersties community and our Ersties girls to something special, we can get quite creative. Today, the result is a very naughty and playful treasure hunt, or Pleasure Hunt as we like to call it! Let us quickly explain the rules to you:
Two gorgeous girls have to complete the tasks hidden inside an envelope successfully to get the next one. It wouldn’t be an Ersties shoot without a good level of naughtiness, so the girls have to wear a vibrator that can be controlled with a smartphone. It could be that while solving a riddle, Lucinda or Katana may get a little distracted… To make this special shoot even better and more exciting, the reward of this Ersties Treasure Hunt is something that Lucinda from Australia and Katana from Barcelona want to test out immediately. A pleasurable end to a hot and playful day outside!
Ersties Treasure Hunt Lesbian

The Ersties Treasure Hunt
Or as we call it: The Ersties Pleasure Hunt! We’d like to introduce you to a new game that we have planned for you. It just needs two gorgeous and horny Ersties girls, envelopes that contain tasks and for an extra thrill, a wearable vibrator for each girl that can be controlled by the other. Lucinda and Katana have shot with us before and their excitement about this game is so big that their pussies are already wet. Why wait?! Let the riddles begin and the pleasure prevail!
Ersties Treasure Hunt Lesbian

A Poem for an Intense Feeling…
The Ersties Treasure Hunt continues by reading a poem as part of a naughty task that Lucinda and Katana have to complete. What better to shake things up than a strong vibrator inside each of their pussies? To end this game with no sad faces, the girls’ prize is a trip to the local sex shop and their purchase obviously needs to be tested. Still horny from the hunt, Lucinda and Katana finally end their day fucking each other and it’s as hot as you can imagine!
Ersties Treasure Hunt Lesbian

A Hunt and Its Reward
This shoot has everything you want to see! A strap on, 69 action, pussy licking and even more awesome: double penetration while Lucinda rides her hot friend to orgasm simultaneously! The Ersties Pleasure Hunt continues with as much pleasure as you want to see and two girls enjoying it a lot. With some final thoughts on this special game, Lucinda and Katana say they would definitely repeat a great experience like this.
Ersties Treasure Hunt Lesbian

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JV 9 June 2020 00:09
Is this the full video? It doesn't have the "After The Treasure Hunt" part in my video download. Just 57 minutes.

The DaoFile free download reads "This file reached max downloads limit" and is unable to download.
Irishka 9 June 2020 14:45
This video is 57:21
JV 9 June 2020 23:29
Oh, strange. The part in the overview "After the treasure hunt" doesn't seem to be in the 57 minute video.
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