Ersties Evie D. Intimate Moments - 12 May 2020 (1080p/photo)

19-05-2020, 13:02
Intimate Moments: A VERY Horny Mermaid
The Ersties community will be very pleased with our new Ersties girl Ella from Canada. First of all she is a beautiful cute girl, she welcomes us into her home naked and is horny as soon as she thinks about the feeling of water on her skin. An extraordinary girl next door! It’s no surprise that Ella’s first video starts in the shower where getting wet (literally) is her favourite thing to do. Add a butt plug and dildo and this Intimate Moment wants you to jump straight into the bath with her!
Ersties Evie D. Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments: Dirty Talk with Evie D.
Russian girl Evie is currently living on the Indonesian island of Bali where she is very happy about her active sex life. Next to fucking while roleplaying, in costumes and with toys especially for anal fun, the beauty has some surprisingly interesting hobbies. Hobbies such as learning Japanese, motorcycle sports and collecting a lot of comments on her bum and boobs. This shoot contains an insight into Evie’s passion for anal with fingers and toys. Her way of filming her first video is as naughty as her dirty mind.
Ersties Evie D. Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments: One Toy – Two Purposes
Wow! It’s Evie’s first shoot for Ersties and the level of hotness is very high. Her amazing body, the way of filming herself with naughty close ups, how she decides what to show you and the intensity of anal penetration make us speechless. That means cooling down in the shower is a very good idea and the Russian enjoys every moment of it. But wait, her bum hasn’t had enough and the anal fun continues!
Ersties Evie D. Intimate Moments

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