Ersties Domino and Missy Lesbian - 19 May 2020 (1080p)

23-05-2020, 06:03
Ersties Domino and Missy Lesbian

Intimate Moments: The Domino Effect
By now you should be familiar with the beautiful face of Ersties girl Domino from Belgium. Her shoots with us are known for their intensity and lovely girls that join her. Today her friend Missy from the US pays her a visit to exchange knowledge of the female body and all its gorgeous advantages. With sparks flying between Domino and Missy, this shoot will impress with the amount of tenderness and pleasure.
Ersties Domino and Missy Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Give and Take
You can tell that Missy enjoys her very first shoot for Ersties quite a lot and her friend Domino definitely shares this feeling. It is very sensual and the girls love to treat each other with tender touches and kisses all over their bodies. The American likes to taste her friend’s pussy (and vice versa!) who in turn likes to treat her with slaps on the bum. From tenderness to a little bit of roughness… this Intimate Moment shows how unique each video is.
Ersties Domino and Missy Lesbian

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