Ersties Luca Intimate Moments - 1 June 2020 (1080p/photo)

8-06-2020, 00:07
Luca’s favorite sex toys are a Satisfyer and a glass dildo. Luca shows us exactly what happens to her vulva when she uses them in this Intimate Moment.
Ersties Luca Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments with Luca
After moving out of her parents' home, 19-year-old art student Luca bought all the sex toys she always wanted to try. The young Austrian is experiencing her independence as a process of liberation, which she pursues sexually, socially and economically. She wants to use the existing patriarchal and capitalist structures to her advantage in order to be as free as possible. To do this, she shoots her own porn films, studies sculpture, is working on her first short film and studying sex education to pass on her knowledge and help free society from sexual shame and prejudice. Up until now, Luca has not been sexually active beyond measure. For Luca, ‘vanilla sex’ is a territory still to be explored with a view towards a kinky horizon, to be conquered in the future. In any case, Luca already knows a lot about her own body, especially about her vulva and how this special and unique organ is structured and can be touched with pleasure. Because Luca is studying sex education, in this Intimate Moments shoot she begins by giving a small course on the vulva, followed by some delicious masturbation.

Intimate Moments: The Unique Vulva
Luca is not only an art student, filmmaker, author and porn producer, but she’s also a prospective sex educator. We think that’s amazing! When it comes to talking about art and sexuality, Luca could go on forever. She also feels the same way about masturbation, which she also likes to take a lot of time for. She enjoys feeling beautiful, looking at herself and feeling the light on her skin. And if you still don't know how a vulva is structured, this Intimate Moments shoot is a must!
Ersties Luca Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments: Beautiful Shameless Lust
In this Intimate Moments shoot, Luca’s second favorite sex toy not only enchants us with its appearance and incredibly beautiful light reflections on Lucas skin, but the glass dildo also makes Lucas vulva swell and become wet with pleasure.
Ersties Luca Intimate Moments

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