Ersties Lana Intimate Moments - 8 June 2020 (1080p/photo)

10-06-2020, 00:37
Lana introduces herself with a very sexy striptease for Ersties. As she’s a professional dancer and model, she knows exactly what will turn us on. And that’s not all: Leggy-Lana certainly lives up to her name!
Ersties Lana Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments with Lana
A gorgeous girl like Lana plus Ersties is the best combination the Ersties community will see today, don’t you agree? Lana is a professional dancer, nude model and fitness and yoga fan that lives in the city of London. Luckily she’s found some time in her schedule to shoot an amazing first video for us. With legs that almost reach the sky, Leggy-Lana, as she likes to be called, has some naughty things planned… There is nothing else the sexy blonde likes more than keeping her body in shape and showing it off. For six years she called a cruise ship her home where dancing was her job but now she is back home and spends her time modelling. Lana is a very confident, honest and wild girl and if she feels comfortable with someone, there’s nothing she’d say no to in the bedroom! But back to her nickname… if you want to see how flexible a girl can be, then watch Lana’s shoot! We would even say that what she can do with her legs surely makes every yoga teacher jealous. We love it - the bigger the split, the better the view!

Intimate Moments: All Things Flexible with Leggy-Lana
Blonde, confident, long legs… that is Lana from England in a nutshell. For her first ever video with Ersties the professional dancer and nude model chose to be part of our Intimate Moments series. You’ll see why almost instantly because as straightforward as she is, Lana introduces herself with an amazing strip tease. To make it even better, the blonde bombshell uses her fingers and different point of views to make us fall even more in love with her…
Ersties Lana Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments: Yoga à la Lana
You’ve already seen how flexible Leggy-Lana is and what she can do with her tantalisingly long legs. Back in bed the sexy blonde teases us with hard nipples and a pussy that needs some toy action. If you’re into clitoral or vaginal pleasure, we’ve got you covered! And Lana lives up to her name ... masturbation and splits have never looked so good together.
Ersties Lana Intimate Moments

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