Ersties Hanna S and Jin Lesbian - 9 June 2020 (1080p/photo)

14-06-2020, 04:07
Best friends with benefits, Hanna S. and Jin take us on an erotic journey to discover female sexuality and sensuality. This Ersties premiere is tender and gentle, an exciting celebration of their own bodies and free love.
Ersties Hanna S and Jin Lesbian

Intimate Moments with Hanna S. and Jin
The rain is drizzling gently as Hanna S. and Jin welcome us to their Ersties premiere on their lonely farm by Lake Superior in the northern USA. After five years of a long-distance friendship, Jin has recently moved to the countryside to live with Hanna and her partner. Now, they live in a sexy flat share of a special kind. Hanna and Jin are not only united by a deep friendship, the two beauties also love to pamper each other sensually and explore their own and each other’s bodies. While the world is upside down due to the Corona pandemic, they get to enjoy each other's presence on their secluded estate – what a dream!

Watching the two best friends speak and interact with each other, you’ll immediately notice that there’s a lot of intimate affection and deep emotions in the air. The women, who are both in a firm partnership, pursue their ideal of free love in such a relaxed way, and that's pretty hot! Getting to know their bodies has something meditative about it for Hanna and Jin. They enjoy sharing their intimacy with the Ersties community as an act of freedom and joy. This is female empowerment in its most beautiful form!
Ersties Hanna S and Jin Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Sit Back and Enjoy!
We can't wait to learn more about Hanna S. and Jin. In their interview, the best friends tell us how Jin discovered her bisexuality. They both love to have sex with both women and men, because according to Hanna, “People are great!”. Jin also gets aroused by passionate dom/sub games and they both like to pamper themselves in hour-long maturbation sessions – super sexy! But enough talking, Hanna and Jin can't wait to share their love games with us. Before things really get going, Jin is already super wet, because today it's her who holds all the attention. Hanna knows exactly how to get her best friend going with a glass dildo: So do as Jin does and sit back and enjoy the show!
Ersties Hanna S and Jin Lesbian Ersties Hanna S and Jin Lesbian
Intimate Moments: Show Me How You Like It, Baby!
In the second video of their Ersties premiere, everything revolves around Hanna. Tattoos, beautiful curves, pink hair - we love the look of the American beauty. Again, the hot glass dildo can't be missing. Hanna explains to Jin exactly how she likes it. There is nothing hotter in the world than a woman who knows exactly what she wants if you ask us! This second video perfectly captures the intimate feelings and subtle eroticism of this wonderful friendship. We very much hope to see them again soon...
Ersties Hanna S and Jin Lesbian Ersties Hanna S and Jin Lesbian

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