Ersties Kriss R and Leah Lesbian - 22 June 2020 (1080p/photo)

25-06-2020, 13:30
There is not only breakfast to find in the kitchen, but also a wooden spoon for spanking. Leah's breakfast for Kriss is served hot and through the entire apartment, full of whipped cream and banana substitutes.
Ersties Kriss R and Leah Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Brighton Breakfast
Leah and Kriss have already gone on a few trips together. In this Intimate Moments shoot the pair went to Brighton. For once, it was sunny! Bathed in such beautiful light, breakfast between white bedsheets is even nicer and the strawberries provide the right colour contrast for the eye. But because we are here at Ersties and not in a furniture advertisment, eyes are not excited by colour contrasts, but by Kriss and Leah’s naked bodies and sex. And whipped cream is not used to decorate strawberries, but rather Kriss and Leah’s nipples and licked from there with their girls’ tongues. The missing breakfast banana turns into an orange dildo that serves Kriss the hottest Brighton breakfast of her life. English breakfast is always something special, to these two anyway!
Ersties Kriss R and Leah Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Banana Yogurt
Leah prepared breakfast for Kriss, but forgot the bananas. You shouldn't play with food anyway... There are toys for that! Leah uses them to get Kriss going and in the end gives her the hottest breakfast of her life and us an unforgettable Intimate Moment with both girls.
Ersties Kriss R and Leah Lesbian Ersties Kriss R and Leah Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Whipped Cream Makes Nipples Hard
The sun is shining in Brighton. The bananas are ripe and fresh strawberries are fortunately available at any time in the supermarket. It's always the perfect time for breakfast in bed with strawberries, whipped cream, vibrator, dildo and camera. Besides, any time is the right time for an Intimate Moment!
Ersties Kriss R and Leah Lesbian Ersties Kriss R and Leah Lesbian

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