Ersties Lucy Intimate Moments - 26 June 2020 (1080p/photo)

3-07-2020, 22:26
Those who can’t get enough of Lucy and are longing for more will have their desires fulfilled in this Intimate Moments shoot. And those who don't know Lucy yet - you will get to know her right away. There’s so much to be seen from this Ersties beauty.
Ersties Lucy Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments: Made for Love From Head to Toe
What else is there to tell? - A lot, that’s for sure!
Most of you know Lucy but if you don't know her yet, you may not have found our play button because Lucy's face shows up several times at Ersties. And it is never just her face that Lucy reveals. We just don't get tired of watching Lucy masturbating and having sex. Lucy is currently single and that's why she often masturbates. She has several toys she pleasures herself with and shows us two of them today. When Lucy masturbates, she imagines people she knows and finds attractive, people she is in a relationship with, and people she’s had or wants to have sex with, such as in her dream of a gangbang with a guy she is currently dating and his friends. For Freud this dream would probably be a reason for writing an essay - for us it is a reason for a hot Intimate Moments shoot with Lucy!
Ersties Lucy Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments: Lucy Dreams About Gangbangs
Lucy loves men. She loves a lot of them, and we don’t just mean men in general. Personality is of course important for her, maybe long hair and eyeliner will do the rest. But there cannot be just one man she desires, because Lucy wants more in life. Lucy is so hot it can get dangerous. And by hot we don’t just mean looks, but that she is hot for sex and new experiences. Wrapped up in these Intimate Moments in the most beautiful underwear and standing in front of the door, she presents her entire beautiful body to us.
Ersties Lucy Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments: Stools Are Perfect for Masturbating
... because dildos attach perfectly to them and they are great for riding. Take your time, like Lucy, who slowly glides up and down on her dildo in this Intimate Moments shoot, because with this foreplay she’s just getting started. Once she can’t hold back any longer, Lucy’s vibrator leads her hot body to climax.
Ersties Lucy Intimate Moments

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