Ersties Jessica and Rylee Lesbian - 3 July 2020 (1080p)

6-07-2020, 21:04
If your neighbour chokes you, you don't have to be afraid! Or, at least, not if you are neighbours with Jessica and Rylee, that is!
Ersties Jessica and Rylee Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Strap-On Neighbour
Jessica and Rylee live in Montreal as neighbours. Sometimes neighbours are like acquaintances, but others can become great friends, spending their free time together and helping each other out. It’s even better when that doesn’t necessarily mean that you just borrow garden tools from each other, but that you can also spend the day together in bed! It begins so wonderfully slowly in this Intimate Moment: The perfect lazy morning when the light shines in through the curtains, you wake up, light a joint and then… a presentation of sex toys develops into a hot strap-on fuck with a flogger. This is better than any avocado breakfast!

Intimate Moments: Spanking Among Neighbours
Rylee visits her neighbour Jessica and brings her toys, of course. Homemade restraints, floggers and a strap-on make Jessica hot and not only lead their neighbourly relationship into new horizons, but it also brings their feelings and bodies to unexpected climaxes. "Come over and touch me" is the talk in the neighborhood this Intimate Moment.
Ersties Jessica and Rylee Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Two Women and a Cock.
"Open your mouth, I want to look deep inside you." Jessica and Rylee do just that in their Intimate Moments shoot. First Rylee is fingered in the mouth and then she fucks Jessica to climax with a strap-on. It’s nice when it can get so hard and yet still remain tender.
Ersties Jessica and Rylee Lesbian Ersties Jessica and Rylee Lesbian
Ersties Jessica and Rylee Lesbian Ersties Jessica and Rylee Lesbian

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