Ersties Zina and Natalia Intimate Moments - 25 May 2020 (1080p/photo)

26-07-2020, 07:10
Ersties Zina and Natalia Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments: Sex with a Timer
Is it possible to have sex fairly and equally and to take turns giving and receiving? How would that look, and is it something we want to try? Is it possible that everyone can have exactly what they want, without taking away some of the pleasure from someone else? This is an experiment we were happy to see! In this Intimate Moments shoot ‘Zina and Natalia’ or ‘Natalia and Zina’ depending, alternate with what they ask for or offer each other. They are on a timer and switch roles between active and passive when the time runs out. It helps to have time to concentrate on what you’re doing, or to fully enjoy the experience without doing anything else. A fair way to organise things!
Ersties Zina and Natalia Intimate Moments
Having sex is a form of communication, and this time for Zina and Natalia, they’re not just playing around. In this Intimate Moments shoot they give each other very precise instructions on how they want to be pleasured.
Ersties Zina and Natalia Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments: Fair Spanking
“What do you want me to do to you… and what do you want to do to me?” Zina and Natalia spend this Intimate Moments shoot in Amsterdam asking exactly what each other wants, and then fulfilling it, to a timer of course. They want to answer their own questions about sexual equality of giving and receiving pleasure, and of being able to concentrate entirely on what they feel in the moment or what they want to let the other feel.
Ersties Zina and Natalia Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments: "Don't Just Do Something"
"I should tell you exactly what I want first." In this Intimate Moments shoot, Zina and Natalia give each other clear instructions on what they want, and exactly how they want it. The pair describe their individual desires on how they want to be massaged, touched and how they want their vulvas pleasured in order to climax.
Ersties Zina and Natalia Intimate Moments

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