Ersties Luna X. and Romy I. Lesbian - 22 July 2020 (1080p/photo)

26-07-2020, 16:48
Ersties Luna X. and Romy I. Lesbian

Intimate Moments with Luna X. and Romy I.
Who can resist the smile of gorgeous Ersties girls Luna and Romy?! It’s not just their smiles that make us fall for them – matching leopard print dresses, beautiful brown skin and just how much fun they have with each other make us love them even more! And wait till you see what they have planned for their first shoot together… Luna is in good hands because a sore back is never a nice feeling and it’s good that Romy knows what’s best in this situation. With the help of a massage stick (or as we know it... vibrator) and oil, Luna quickly feels better and better! As if they are covered in gold, the skin of both girls shines and makes them even hotter. It’s such a turn on, Luna and Romy can’t resist and take the fun a bit further…
Ersties Luna X. and Romy I. Lesbian
The Golden Girls of Ersties, Luna X. and Romy, finally meet for their first shoot together and start it with an oily massage, shaved pussies and as if it can’t get any better – double pleasure! Let their bodies shine!
Ersties Luna X. and Romy I. Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Luna and Romy’s First Rawmazing Shoot!
When two gorgeous girls sit in front of our camera to shoot an amazing video in matching leopard dresses, giggling a lot while talking about bisexuality, ex-boyfriends and weird places to have sex… we can’t help but get excited for everything they have planned for today! So, what do you think of Romy massaging Luna’s sore body with the help of a vibrator whose purpose it is to satisfy ANY wish?
Ersties Luna X. and Romy I. Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Luna’s Massage Parlour
Gorgeous Luna invites you to her private erotic massage session with her friend Romy, whose hot body looks even more amazing covered in oil. While being ticklish here and there, she still enjoys every second of the massage. And we enjoy it too when the massage moves to between her hairless legs! But the best is yet to come (literally)!
Ersties Luna X. and Romy I. Lesbian

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