Ersties Marie S. Masturbation - 29 July 2020 (1080p/photo)

30-07-2020, 00:49
Nature lover Marie from Berlin enjoys fishing as much as masturbating (and she enjoys fishing a lot!) and that’s why we’re happy to welcome her to Ersties! You can expect the best orgasms from the bisexual beauty that will make you fall for her 100%!
Ersties Marie S. Masturbation

The Perfect Catch!
What does a cute brunette from Berlin who is studying social work do in her free time? Right, go fishing with her friends, but what else?! Being in nature, surrounded by lakes and rivers gives Marie the best feeling. A sunny holiday at the beach? She’d prefer Norway with its unpredictable weather. Another thing that makes Marie feel relaxed is masturbating. Preferably after work and with her two favourite toys – a vibrator and glass dildo for the best orgasms she can get. Well, the boys and girls she fucks also give Marie great orgasms, maybe because she likes the thrill of outdoor sex so much or because she never fucks someone who she doesn’t know (more or less). In her first shoot for Ersties, the 28-year-old Berliner catches us by the intensity and erotic way of everything she does with her fingers and toys. Be prepared for the best orgasms you’ll see by gorgeous Marie today!
Ersties Marie S. Masturbation

How to Catch a Fish with Marie
Being outside in nature, going fishing with her girls and just relaxing there is balm for the soul for Marie from Berlin. There is nothing more enjoyable than that… except masturbating with her favourite toys! The beautiful brunette wins us over with her extremely cute smile, sparkling eyes and how cool she is with fucking boys and girls. A sexy dream of hers would be an orgy with four other girls... maybe a wish we can fulfil!
Ersties Marie S. Masturbation

Marie S. Plus One Toy Makes…
…the best orgasm! An easy calculation and a big promise by the Berliner! And how she gets there is part of the fun in Marie’s first shoot for Ersties. Right from the first second, her fingers can hardly stay away from her pussy and either from behind or sitting – intense fingering that only gets even better with her little toy to keep her promise!
Ersties Marie S. Masturbation

Balm for the Soul, Balm for the Pussy
Masturbating makes Marie from Berlin relax and because she’s found the best way to do it, the gorgeous brunette wants to show it to you! After an intense first part of her shoot, Marie crawls into bed to let her hands float across her body, to her hard nipples, always drawn to between her legs… she promised you the best orgasm before but wait until you see the very best orgasm now!
Ersties Marie S. Masturbation

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