Ersties Talia M. Ginebra and Nicole B. Lesbian - 4 August 2020 (1080p/photo)

5-08-2020, 05:55
Ersties Talia M. Ginebra and Nicole B. Lesbian

Intimate Moments with Talia M, Nicole B and Ginebra
Talia is already well-known in the Ersties community and we couldn't be happier about that, because we love the Ukrainian beauty and will never get enough of her sexy sassiness. For this Intimate Moments shoot Talia has come up with something very special for us: She invites not only one but two of her girlfriends for an afternoon full of erotic games. The three women meet in their sunny adopted hometown Barcelona. Nicole is 25 years old and originally comes from Venezuela, Ginebra is 23 and comes from Andalusia in the south of Spain. Together, the three friends are the sweetest eye candy you can imagine: they are all breathtakingly beautiful! One cannot decide where to look at first... And Talia wouldn't be Talia if she didn't prepare a little extra surprise: Instead of simply seducing Nicole and Ginebra, she challenges them to a sexy competition.
Ersties Talia M. Ginebra and Nicole B. Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Round One of the Licking Competition
Before things really get going, the trio turn up the heat with some sexy anecdotes and their most secret fantasies. Talia loves public hanky-panky; neither museums nor changing rooms are safe when she is around. The greater the danger of getting caught, the better! Nicole too has already turned a staircase into a sexy scenery. A surveillance camera and the idea that someone is watching gave her that very special kick. The Venezuelan dreams of a climax in a helicopter – we take our hats off to so much courage! Ginebra prefers to be more down-to-earth and classic, but we are sure that behind closed doors she shows her wild and unrestrained side. Enough dirty talk, let the licking games begin! In round one, Ginebra and Talia will be competing against each other. Kissing, licking, fingering: Who will make Nicole come first and the best?
Ersties Talia M. Ginebra and Nicole B. Lesbian
All good things come in threes: Welcome to the Orgasm Olympic Games! Talia M, Nicole B or Ginebra - who is going to win the gold medal in pussy eating?
Ersties Talia M. Ginebra and Nicole B. Lesbian

Intimate Moments: An Orgy-tastic Finale
After Talia has proven her tongue qualities on Ginebra, it's Nicole's turn. And in the final round, Nicole and Ginebra measure their oral talents on challenger Talia. Of course we can’t tell you who will take home the gold medal in pussy licking in the end. But we can already say one thing: It's the three of them together that make it the most fun!
Ersties Talia M. Ginebra and Nicole B. Lesbian

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