Ersties Hanna S. and Jin Lesbian - 14 August 2020 (1080p/photo)

16-08-2020, 02:06
Ersties Hanna S. and Jin Lesbian

Intimate Moments with Hanna S. and Jin
Summer is here and the rising temperatures make lust bubble. What could be better than welcoming the hot season with some sexy outdoor adventures? Taking in the smell of the flowers, a light breeze brushing your breasts, grass sticking to your bare bum... Get out of your clothes and into the wild! A few weeks ago Hanna S. and Jin shot their first video for Ersties and really enjoyed sharing their sex life with us (and we enjoyed it too!). Now these two lovebirds show us how wonderfully uninhibited open-air sex is. In their second shoot for Ersties, the two friends make themselves comfortable on a blanket in their picturesque garden at Lake Superior in the USA. Protected from the eyes of their neighbours, they can indulge in their erotic pleasures. Only their love and passion for each other is wilder than the nature that surrounds them. While the sun caresses their skin, Jin and Hanna S. shine with a vibrant glow - a picture for the gods!
Ersties Hanna S. and Jin Lesbian
Time to go hot and wet! Hanna S. and Jin celebrate summer with a picnic in the garden. For dessert, the two friends serve us delicious and unrestrained outdoor sex.
Ersties Hanna S. and Jin Lesbian

Intimate Moments: A Sexy Dessert
Jin and Hanna S. are true food connoisseurs: they love to spoil each other with culinary delights. That's why they start their day with a delicious picnic. However, the two beauties can't keep their hands off each other for long, so for dessert they simply eat each other out. This passionate oral sex will make your mouth water, we promise! It gets really hot when Jin and Hanna S. rub their pussies together and finger each other. Jin moans and shines like the sun itself while Hanna S. gives her a sensual orgasm.
Ersties Hanna S. and Jin Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Back to Nature
Hanna S. knows exactly what her girlfriend loves. It only takes a few minutes until Jin experiences an incredibly long and intense orgasm, during which her perfect body writhes with lust and delight. As Jin passionately treats Hanna S. with a dildo, she grabs the camera and lets us view this wonderful sight from her perspective. While the birds are chirping in the background and the wind is blowing over the grass, Hanna S. also enjoys a passionate finale, which pleases the beautiful blonde.
Ersties Hanna S. and Jin Lesbian

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