Ersties Nadine C. Masturbation - 18 August 2020 (1080p/photo)

19-08-2020, 02:28
If you hear moans in the underground car park, take a good look: That could be Nadine C.! The biologist is a masturbation goddess and lets Ersties take part in her passionate self-love ritual.
Ersties Nadine C. Masturbation

No One Gives It to You as Well as You Do!
With her natural beauty and radiant glow Nadine from Görlitz immediately has us wrapped around her little finger. We love how her eyes light up when she talks about things that inspire her. The biologist dreams of a self-sufficient life in harmony with nature: growing fruit and vegetables, keeping animals, producing her own electricity... What a dream! Independence is also the code of her love life: Nadine is a convinced single. Men? They are all crazy! Relationships? Far too exhausting! Her cheeky smile reveals how much she enjoys teasing her lovers with sassy comments. You're very much mistaken if you assume that Nadine has a boring, sexless existence!
Ersties Nadine C. Masturbation

Sex Toys, Toys, Toys!
Nadine receives us in her cosy empire for a candid chat. The passionate toy collector can hardly wait to show us her favourite pieces. There is the Satisfyer, a classic that every modern woman knows and loves, a dildo that glows in the dark and Nadine's favourite: a cactus, which makes for undreamt-of flights of fancy thanks to its ridges and bumps. The beautiful blonde celebrates masturbation like a ritual. At least one orgasm a day is necessary, but if time allows, two, or three, or... Now and then also a lucky person comes to know the pleasure of her toys, since Nadine certainly doesn’t say no to a one-night stand. And if the opportunity presents itself, then things get really hot.
Ersties Nadine C. Masturbation

Nadine's Favourite Cactus
Those who love to masturbate secretly in public, the possibility of being watched giving it that special spice, will love sharing their sex life with the Ersties community all the more. Sounds logical, right? Nadine moves so naturally and looks so sexy in front of the camera that we can hardly believe that this is her first shoot. Her own body is her hottest fantasy: our self-love queen watches herself with delight in the mirror while she lets her covers fall off and spoils her pussy. First Nadine gets herself going with her hands, then she grabs her beloved toys. At the end there is no more doubt why the cactus is her favourite toy. There is only one question left for us: Where can we get this dildo?
Ersties Nadine C. Masturbation

Enjoy the View
Natural beauty Nadine has still not had enough… you neither? Luckily, the hot blonde invites us to be a fly on the wall during her masturbation ritual once more. Let's start with a big portion of tenderness and caresses. While Nadine stretches her perfect ass towards us, we enjoy the magnificent view. Her sensual moans fill the room as her body writhes with lust. Nadine would not be Nadine if she didn’t unpack her sexy toys. She starts with a red dildo, but it is not enough... Luckily Nadine still has a black Magic Wand, and once she starts using it we know her next orgasm will not be far away.
Ersties Nadine C. Masturbation

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