Ersties July Intimate Moments - 26 August 2020 (1080p/photo)

27-08-2020, 11:41
Ersties July Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments with July
July shines as brightly as the sun. The Berliner is a truly a woman of dreams: relaxed, open, always in a good mood and full of zest for life. We met her at one of her favourite places in Berlin, the Tempelhofer Feld, where July likes to go inline skating and jogging. Listening to July speak, you will quickly notice that the 21-year-old is already very mature for her age. This may be because she already knows herself very deeply, and had tried a lot of things before she started a relationship with her boyfriend, who is poly and pansexual. July knows what she wants and that is super sexy! You will never get bored with this Berlin girl who loves to experiment. Tantra workshops, outdoor sex, rimming, squirting, orgies - July is open to almost everything. Even a good solo session is necessary sometimes, and with July it can last three or four hours… and it’s even more awesome when someone else is watching!
Ersties July Intimate Moments
Summer, sun and good vibes! July loves sex and everything that goes with it. Can you resist her fascinating aura and sweet charm?
Ersties July Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments: It's Getting Wet
July’s first sexual fantasy consisted of her giving a blowjob to a stranger on a bus and him coming in her mouth - from then on she knew that she was a born giver. She is attracted to power games, as well as the thrill of completely submitting to her partner’s will and not knowing what will happen next. At her Ersties premiere, the Berlin-based girl shows us what she enjoys when masturbating. She starts off with a big portion of caressing and massage and immediately her sensual moaning fills the room, her body writhing with lust. In the end she shows us how beautiful and intimate female squirting is.
Ersties July Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments: When No One Is Watching
It is in those quiet, intimate moments when we think nobody is watching and we can let ourselves go completely, that we are often unconsciously the most beautiful to others. Today we take another sweet look at July's life and can be a part of her self-love ritual. The 21-year-old likes to experiment with meditation while masturbating, a way to connect both emotionally and sexually with herself in the most beautiful way.

Ersties July Intimate Moments

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