Ersties Amba and Belle Lesbian - 7 September 2020 (1080p/photo)

11-09-2020, 03:25
Opposites attract… a lot! Amba and Belle are not just dream girls because of their appearance but also because they show us how horny and rough they are with each other. First in the streets of Berlin, then even more so in bed!
Ersties Amba and Belle Lesbian

Amba and Belle – Opposites Attract (And Love to Fuck)
Some things have changed since the last time we shot a solo with Ersties girl Amba and a girl/girl with Belle. We’re always happy about our girls coming back to show and tell us more about themselves. Today’s shoot has another reason why we are happy: it is the hottest, roughest and loudest. One that you’ll never forget! Belle presents herself with a new haircut and a very positive and contagious vibe that she also passes on to Amba. Sparks are flying and the girls can’t stop giggling while talking about their best outdoor sex, spiritual orgasms and sex fantasies. The stunning blonde and brunette take you on a romantic walk with them through Berlin that starts with a lot of kissing and continues with even more touches on the right spots…
Ersties Amba and Belle Lesbian

Lost in the Moment with Amba and Belle
We already know both gorgeous beauties from their other breathtaking shoots but together Amba and Belle exceed our expectations by miles! Someone who talks openly about themselves and sex will always win our hearts. Berlin is the location of their shoot, a place where fucking in public is the best… Other people watching only makes the girls hotter. What do they have in common? Tattoos, poetry and now a video for Ersties!
Ersties Amba and Belle Lesbian

A Kiss on the Canal…
… is the trigger for one of our hottest and roughest shoots at Ersties. Amba and Belle just can’t keep their fingers off each other and what starts very romantically in the streets of Berlin ends even more mind-blowing in Amba’s bed. Covered in pink light, Belle begins to finger her friend very hard who can’t stop screaming…
Ersties Amba and Belle Lesbian

The Scream of Orgasms
The second part of Amba and Belle’s shoot begins exactly where the first one ended: in bed with two tangled bodies, heavily kissing and fucking! It’s a stormy affair with both ladies because now Amba wants to show Belle how amazing sex with her can be, especially with her tongue from Belle’s nipples to her pussy. This can only be topped by some loud dildo action and that’s a promise we can keep!
Ersties Amba and Belle Lesbian

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