Ersties Joana 18-year-old Masturbation - 12 September 2020 (1080p/photo)

13-09-2020, 02:04
Ersties Joana Masturbation

Eyes as Blue as a Glacial Lake
With her sparkling crystal blue eyes, 18-year-old Joana dreams of unbuttoning the lederhosen of a southern Austrian lad in a mountain meadow. She doesn't need to know him, he just needs to be handsome... And to take her up to his hut where they would chop wood, shear sheep and then make out in the hayloft, in meadows and on top of mountain peaks. And just as limitless as young Joana shags her way through the Alps with the dashing lad in her imagination, the competent event manager surfs her way through a wide variety of music genres, as she tells us today. Joana would like to try a lot sexually, and grow more experienced at sex. It’s nice that she feels so comfortable with Ersties that she wants to share her journey with us. For her shoot with us in the restless city of Berlin, she has brought her two favorite toys and climbs with them to the peak of her pleasure.
Ersties Joana Masturbation
Not only are Joana's bright blue eyes enchanting, her open and direct manner also impresses us. And even more so when the 18-year-old gets herself off with her two favorite toys… just watching her makes us melt like glacier water.
Ersties Joana Masturbation

A Fiery Spirit Hot for Lederhosen
A few years ago she thought her father's lederhosen were bourgeois and uncool, but now Joana fantasises about getting picked up by a dashing southern Austrian lad dressed in these short traditional trousers. Ideally they would disappear to his weekend mountain hut to chop wood in the dusk and then have lots of sex in the mountain meadows.
Ersties Joana Masturbation

Luscious and Pierced
Relaxed and in bed, Joana slips out of her sexy outfit and starts to caress herself with her fingers. She then gets intimate with one of her favourite toys, using it on her clitoris and pushing it deep into her vagina. The radiant 18-year-old also has nipple piercings adorning her luscious breasts!
Ersties Joana Masturbation

Lustful Blue Eyes
Joana has brought her two most favorite toys out to play. First she uses her vibrator to stimulate her pierced nipples, and then she uses her pink rabbit vibrator and her fingers to give herself exactly what she has been craving.
Ersties Joana Masturbation

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