Ersties Holly and Joana Lesbian - 14 September 2020 (1080p/photo)

15-09-2020, 08:24
Holly was positively surprised when she heard that she was the second woman Joana had ever had sex with. With fun, games and spontaneity this is an Ersties classic that both girls won’t forget any time soon!
Ersties Holly and Joana Lesbian

An Ersties Classic with Holly and Joana
Here at Ersties, we pride ourselves on being 100% real with amateurs that have fun 100% of the time. Because of this we are happy that our girls come back, especially so quickly after their first shoot with us. For Joana from Thuringia, her first shoot was her first time with a woman. And it’s definitely not her last! For her second experience at Ersties, the cute German chose our Ersties favourite Holly. Holly enjoyed it so much, she didn’t realise she had the honour of being Joana’s second! And even this time there were some firsts for Joana: sex in the kitchen and being blindfolded. Thanks to Holly’s sexual know-how she could show her friend something new while having a good time. With toys and stimulating touches this shoot is a classic that Joana and Holly won’t forget too quickly.
Ersties Holly and Joana Lesbian

Sex Talk with Holly and Joana
Ersties girl Holly from Hamburg can’t stop giggling with her friend Joana during their interview with us. It’s all about sex in the water, in a car, sexy fantasies with celebs and dirty talk. We are sure that if they can talk so openly about these topics with us, they will have a lot of fun together. Two German beauties who gift us with a fantastic Ersties classic!
Ersties Holly and Joana Lesbian

A Hot Cooking Lesson with Holly and Joana…
…but fortunately for us, Holly and Joana are so distracted that they never actually get to the cooking. Our cutie Holly is the one who makes the first move, undressing the stunning body of her friend. After that, there is no holding back. For Joana it’s her second time with a woman but oral sex is her thing, especially with someone like Holly who enjoys the attention with spread legs.
Ersties Holly and Joana Lesbian

The Silk Road to Pleasure
Provided with a silk blindfold, Joana gives herself fully to Holly who touches her very sensually on every part of her body. After excitedly playing with her fingers and tongue, Holly gets out a magic wand that only intensifies Joana’s feelings. But the highlight of the second part of their shoot is what really takes the brunette’s breath away!
Ersties Holly and Joana Lesbian

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