Ersties Kira 25-year-old Intimate Moments - 16 September 2020 (1080p/photo)

17-09-2020, 12:27
Ersties Kira 25-year-old Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments with Kira
25-year-old Kira from Sao Paulo is currently on an island somewhere in Asia. Fortunately she has internet and can send us hot Intimate Moments of herself from all the way across the world. Kira loves exercise, as you can see in her slender yet strong body. In her childhood she did gymnastics, which was very competitive. Now she plays roller derby as well as pole dances. She likes the competitiveness and aggressiveness of roller derby, while pole dancing satisfies her desire to test her body acrobatically and to feel sexy. It’s empowering for Kira to be able to express her own sexuality and to feel strong in her own body. Kira describes herself as an exhibitionist but she also likes to watch, most of the time watching openly. However, she discovered the advantages of hidden voyeurism from her neighbour. At the moment, the only thing between the two of them are secret glances, a few fleeting encounters and a little small talk. But even the small talk makes Kira hot and after a short encounter with him she masturbates more often. Kira gives us a glimpse of one such moment in her wonderfully exciting Intimate Moment.
Ersties Kira 25-year-old Intimate Moments
On the armchair and the floor, from the front and the back, and definitely more than once! Kira shows us how she brings her athletically slim body to climax, making more than just herself excited in the process...
Ersties Kira 25-year-old Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments: Non-Monogamous
Monogamous relationships aren't for Kira, even if she doesn't describe herself as polyamorous. For Kira it’s important that she can share her partner with others and vice versa. The 25-year-old describes herself as an exhibitionist and voyeurist and she loves to watch her partner having sex with others and to be involved in the fun. How else would she enjoy a super sexy Intimate Moment like this one!
Ersties Kira 25-year-old Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments: Getting Hot on the Floor
On her bedroom carpet, beautiful Kira masturbates first with a glass dildo and then with her fingers. Kira gets so excited in this Intimate Moment that one can’t watch her without also being turned on. Finally, when Kira turns onto her stomach and masturbates from behind, her excitement (and ours!) soars to infinity as her pleasure reaches its peak.
Ersties Kira 25-year-old Intimate Moments

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