Ersties Kate and Nicky F. Lesbian - 28 September 2020 (1080p/photo)

29-09-2020, 13:42
Ersties Kate and Nicky F. Lesbian

Intimate Moments with Nicky F. and Kate
After Kate’s first solo shoot with Ersties she decided to return for more, but this time with her very hot friend Nicky. The pair met through a mutual friend, but that’s not the only thing the girls from Saarland have in common. Nature, movies, toys and a lot more, which they share with us in their interview. For Nicky it’s her first time shooting with Ersties and she’s a little bit excited. Apart from that it’s obvious that the designer knows exactly what she wants, especially with sex. Her most awesome experience? To masturbate after a night out. Nicky never says no to roleplay and her fantasies are not easy to realise. Intense, affectionate and enviable foreplay is just the beginning of Nicky and Kate’s Intimate Moments shoot. Following that, Kate’s play with her tongue will take more than just Nicky’s breath away...
Ersties Kate and Nicky F. Lesbian
They met through the same guy, they’re both elegant girls and want to show it to the world. These are the best conditions for a very intimate shoot for Ersties. Nicky and Kate’s foreplay will be the most endearing you’ll see today!
Ersties Kate and Nicky F. Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Two Saarlander Girls and their Fantasies
Both Nicky and Kate are from beautiful west Germany, enjoy being in nature and love all the Marvel movies. This shoot is the best opportunity for the girls to get to know each other better, although there’s a lot of sexual chemistry as their endearing foreplay shows. Kisses, touches, admiring and spoiling each other… and not without stunning oral sex!
Ersties Kate and Nicky F. Lesbian

Intimate Moments: A Real Treat!
How important and intense can foreplay be? German girls Nicky and Kate will show you exactly how much! The cute blonde especially enjoys treating her partner everywhere with her lips and tongue. On top of this, they have amazing oral sex and the toys that the girls want to play with literally take Nicky’s breath away!
Ersties Kate and Nicky F. Lesbian

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