Ersties Maike and July Lesbian - 6 October 2020 (1080p/photo)

14-10-2020, 04:52
22-year-olds Maike and July have very different pleasure points. While July likes vaginal sex, Maike loves anal. We love how they are able to find each other’s pleasure points to have mindblowing sex with each other.
Ersties Maike and July Lesbian

Pleasure Points: Found
Women don't automatically know better just because they have vaginas. Pleasure points are just as different and diverse as there are women in the world. That’s wonderful and exciting! July and Maike are not only very different women, their pleasure points are completely different. July likes it vaginally but Maike prefers it in her ass. Maike likes to fuck outside and loves the kick of public exposure. July finds it rather exhausting and scans her surroundings most of the time during outdoor sex in order not to be discovered so that she can enjoy the sex. But July can switch off wonderfully in an undisturbed environment, and can even squirt. In principle, she says any woman can do it, they just have to find the right technique to get there, because squirting feels intense. In this shoot, the two beauties communicate well with each other so they can find each other's favourite pleasure spots… Maike finds them so well she even makes July orgasm twice.
Ersties Maike and July Lesbian

Pillow Talk and Cuddles
Both Maike and July find sex with women more balanced than sex with men. They both agree that women are easier to cuddle with after sex, while men tend to reach for a cigarette and leave quickly. July can also imagine a relationship with a woman, because she has already had and enjoyed several dates with women. Up until now Maike has only had sex with women, and she found that sex with July was so amazing that she would like to see her and take her to bed again.
Ersties Maike and July Lesbian

Maike Loves Anal
22-year-old Maike from Tyrol loves anal. Luckily, she gets what she wants in this shoot! After extensive kisses and undressing, July licks her all over and gets out an anal plug and then a vibrator and gives it to Maike exactly where she likes it.
Ersties Maike and July Lesbian

July Comes Twice
July and Maike know how to make each other horny. Maike seems to hit July's pleasure points well, because beautiful July climaxes twice under Maike's skilled fingers and use of toys.
Ersties Maike and July Lesbian

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