Ersties Maria K. and Blue Lesbian - 10 October 2020 (1080p/photo)

14-10-2020, 05:37
Ersties Maria K. and Blue Lesbian

Intimate Moments with Maria K. & Blue
Who doesn't want to be treated like royalty? And who doesn't want to have their every wish known and fulfilled? Blue and Maria know what they want; namely to play with their desires, emotions and sex. Blue found out at school that bans don't hinder her, they just make her more wet. For Maria, thrills are just as exciting, like having sex outside whilst being watched. These two life-hungry thrill-seekers are all about feeling strong emotions and wild rides. And a big dick is the cherry on top they say. With a big scepter in their hands, Blue and Maria become queens. This Intimate Moment will show you just how much emotion there is between these two queens, and how much Maria fills Blue with the strap-on. A super hot and close Intimate Moment, complete with POVs!
Ersties Maria K. and Blue Lesbian
Blue and Maria are queens. Not only in terms of size, but also in their insatiable will for feeling and pleasure. Prohibitions are not an obstacle for Maria and Blue, they just make the pair more wet.
Ersties Maria K. and Blue Lesbian

Intimate Moments: All They Ever Wanted Was Everything!
Yes, of course, size does matter! But it also has to be used correctly! Blue and Maria know exactly what they want... everything! And they want it to be served on a silver platter. In this Intimate Moment, the two beauties serve each other close sensual POVs and lustful orgasms, with the help of their tongue and fingers.
Ersties Maria K. and Blue Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Strap-On POV
Still in the middle of this Intimate Moment, it's Blue's turn. Blue likes to feel everything deep inside of herself so Maria fucks her with her fingers and a strap-on dildo from in front and behind. At the end they cuddle, hot, exhausted and satisfied.
Ersties Maria K. and Blue Lesbian

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