Ersties Luna X. and Lana Lesbian - 17 October 2020 (1080p/photo)

18-10-2020, 21:20
A hot summer day, a nice spot at the lake and two gorgeous girls enjoying themselves. This outdoor shoot with Leggy-Lana and the luscious Luna X. is the embodiment of everyone’s summer dream. Bikinis exist to be taken off again!
Ersties Luna X. and Lana Lesbian

Summer, Sun and Sex with Lana and Luna X.
Two of our favourite Ersties girls together in an awesome outdoor shoot… an Ersties dream come true! Leggy-Lana and the sensual Luna X. met at a lake to enjoy the stunning Berlin weather and to get to know each other even better. And everything in front of our Ersties camera! Lana comes from London and because of her career as a dancer she has travelled the world a lot. But it was time for her to settle down in Italy and she would never change its lifestyle and food for anything else. Luna from Amsterdam enjoys life as an artist. They decided to meet in the middle (kind of!) and together they are the embodiment of summer and fun in Berlin! If you know these beauties from our previous shoots, you’ll know what this shoot promises. Well, it gets even better! With the thrill of being caught in the act, Lana and Luna X. are horny from the beginning and that makes this video one of the best this summer!
Ersties Luna X. and Lana Lesbian

A Day at the Lake with Ersties…
You know what that means: summer, sun and sex with Lana and Luna X.! Both girls were visiting Berlin and the hot temperatures invited them to find an exposed spot at the lake to get to know each other more intimately. It’s the first time for them coming (literally) to such a nice place and all that in front of the Ersties camera!
Ersties Luna X. and Lana Lesbian

Kisses for the Neck, Kisses for the Pussy
It's a dreamlike scenery that Lana and Luna X. provide for us in their first shoot together. Two hot girls in bikinis sitting next to a lake under a tree, protected from the sun. Luna can’t resist and starts to kiss her blonde friend on the neck until she’s naked. Licking, fingering and facesitting aren’t the only things that this outdoor shoot promises...
Ersties Luna X. and Lana Lesbian

The Perfect (Exposed) Spot
After bringing Lana to orgasm, the sensual back and forth of the two girls continues. The focus now lies on Luna’s extremely sexy bum that Lana appreciates in every way possible… with slaps and with her mouth! She is also in possession of unbelievable skills that make Luna vibrate!
Ersties Luna X. and Lana Lesbian

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