Ersties Domino 26 years - Tinder in Real Life - 30 October 2020 (1080p/photo)

31-10-2020, 13:21
Forget "MTV Next" and "The Bachelor", here comes the newest and hottest dating show in the world! We translate a dating app into real with "Tinder in Real Life ". Who can enchant our dream woman Domino and gets to have sex with her right away?
Ersties Domino - Tinder in Real Life

Tinder in Real Life
Tinder has profoundly changed the way we date. It has never been easier to meet new people; the next erotic adventure might only be one swipe away. Or is the love of your life waiting for you behind the next profile? We want to know what happens when we bring Tinder and chats back to real life. Does your profile flop or can your cheeky one-liners score points? There’s no question that this app has also become so successful because we don't have to look our potential dates in the eye. If the pick-up line was a no-go, the embarrassment is only half as bad. With us however, the candidates have to face the critical gaze of our Queen of Hearts directly. And she is merciless! Since we are here at Ersties, our game of course has a sexy twist: The lucky winner won't get a romantic date, but sex. Right here, right now, on stage in front of the lenses of our cameras. Well, if that's not a hot finale, we don’t know what is!
Ersties Domino - Tinder in Real Life

Let the Man Carousel Turn!
Domino from Belgium has every reason to be happy - seven sexy guys will be vying for her favour today. This is twice as exciting for the ravishingly beautiful 26-year-old because not only is she the protagonist of the world premiere of Tinder in Real Life, it’s also the first time in her whole life that she will have sex with a man who is not her partner! Our hot candidates have to win Domino's heart in three rounds. After each round, our Queen decides who she sends home with a swipe to the left and who she wants to get to know better with a swipe to the right. First, the men present themselves in their Tinder profiles, giving free rein to their creativity. In round two we want to hear their first messages as they try to entice Domino and make her want more. Last but not least, the finalists have to face the questions of our dear sweetheart.
Ersties Domino - Tinder in Real Life Ersties Domino - Tinder in Real Life
Ersties Domino - Tinder in Real Life Ersties Domino - Tinder in Real Life

A Match Made in Heaven
As soon as the lucky winner is chosen, Domino and her champion can't keep their hands off each other. The air fills with erotic sparks as the pair make themselves comfortable on the pink playground we have prepared for them. It seems they can't wait to let their clothes fall and enjoy each other's sexy nakedness. Blowing, licking, facesitting and 69ing, Domino and Liam allow themselves the full foreplay program and are incredibly beautiful to watch. The air is crackling with passion and excitement. The two of them seem such a well-rehearsed team, it’s hard to believe that this is their first time together. The chemistry is just perfect! It doesn't take long until Domino experiences her first hot orgasm...
Ersties Domino - Tinder in Real Life Ersties Domino - Tinder in Real Life

Swipe Right for Doggy-Style
Their confidence is so great that Liam and Domino want to have sex right away. As Liam fucks Domino in doggy-style, he intuitively chooses her favourite position. Her sensual moans fill the room and she squirms with delight as he holds her firmly and passionately in his arms. Of course, we don't just let our Perfect Match disappear after sex, but want to know if our experiment was successful. Why did Domino choose Liam of all guys, and how did he feel when the decision was made? Did the excitement turn him on? Was the sex as they expected it to be? They also tell us why communication and wit is the secret to having sex with a stranger for the first time, and what advice they would give to Tinder newbies.
Ersties Domino - Tinder in Real Life Ersties Domino - Tinder in Real Life

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