Ersties Luna S and Tumpie Lesbian - 6 November 2020 (1080p/photo)

7-11-2020, 08:18
We missed Luna and her sexy French accent. So much the better that for her next shoot she isn’t on her own but with hot Brazilian Tumpie. As friends with benefits they show us so many delightful poses that we can’t count them all!
Ersties Luna S and Tumpie Lesbian

The Universal Language of Sex
We here at Ersties love to have so many different beautiful girls from all around the world that like to have real sex with real feelings. Luna from France has charmed us with her adorable accent and love for pussies before and for her new shoot she has brought her sex partner and friend Tumpie. A Brazilian hottie with the cutest smile. A threesome with a lover? Luna and Tumpie would always say yes and always have someone in mind. They have a selection of fucking partners all around the world, like China and Switzerland but it’s in Berlin where both girls have the most fun. The boys here are just the nicest! What did Luna like in today’s shoot? Well, her face gives her away while she spoils her friend’s bum. And what did Tumpie like? The anal fun and orgasms! They both complement each other so well.
Ersties Luna S and Tumpie Lesbian
Ersties Luna S and Tumpie Lesbian Ersties Luna S and Tumpie Lesbian

The Perfect Day…
…consists of a nice breakfast, champagne and sex in front of the Ersties camera! Ersties regulars know the cute French girl and today she has brought a Brazilian touch to her second girl/girl shoot. They love to fuck each other, preferably with another boy if possible. In their interview, the gorgeous couple told us how many lovers they have, what makes men from Berlin more attractive and all about rimming. We’re enthralled!
Ersties Luna S and Tumpie Lesbian - 6 November 2020 (1080p/photo)

How the Tongue Finds Its Way!
Luna and Tumpie enjoy being friends with benefits. For their first shoot together we can’t be more excited because having a couple that just loves to fuck each other fills the shoot with more intensity, pleasure and fun! In sexy school uniforms, the kissing begins but it gets hot really quick… Luna’s tongue finds its way from Tumpie’s pierced nipples down to her vagina, accompanied by her fingers. One finger there, the other two for anal pleasure and the Brazilian is happy!

The Countless Sex Positions by Luna and Tumpie
After making themselves and us very happy with the first part of their shoot, Luna and Tumpie makes themselves comfortable on the floor. Fully naked, the hot Brazilian starts to rim her friend, positions changing as they vary who gives and receives the most pleasure. 69 with a little bit of anal? Face sitting with the most intense licking? Pushing pussies? Yes! And it’s so much fun!

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