Ersties Natascha 23-year-old Masturbation - 13 November 2020 (1080p/photo)

14-11-2020, 01:09
In her kitchen, Natascha from Düsseldorf serves us one delicacy after another. On the menu are breasts, pussy and orgasms. How delicious!
Ersties Natascha Masturbation

Natascha's Delicacies
Natascha is the Nordic beauty of your dreams. The half-Danish girl enchants us with her blonde hair and beautiful curves, but above all she radiates a calmness and serenity that make us just want to be with her. The prospective event manager loves her hometown Düsseldorf and enjoys the good life there. For her, the perfect evening begins in a good restaurant, moves on to a cosy pub with good drinks and wine or a wild techno club, and ends in a threesome or foursome with friends. Have we made you curious about what else she gets up to? Then dive into Natascha's naughty sex life with us!
Ersties Natascha Masturbation

Schoolgirl on the Wild Side
Natascha doesn’t just enjoy eating and drinking, she also enjoys her love and sex life to the fullest. In her apartment in Düsseldorf, the 23-year-old tells us that she has been in an open relationship with her partner for five years. However, this doesn’t mean that the two of them are constantly in bed with others, but rather that they accept their sexual desires for other people, communicate with each other and, when agreed upon, pursue their interests when the opportunity arises. For example, it could be that Natascha makes out with another woman and her partner first watches, then joins in. Or the two of them could enjoy themselves together in the swingers club they discovered a year ago. There Natascha gladly grabs the schoolgirl outfit, super hot!
Ersties Natascha Masturbation

Kitchen Fun in a Different Way
Although Natascha isn’t sure if she would call herself bisexual, she is incredibly aroused by women's bodies. We are in complete agreement with her! It's no wonder that the blonde doesn't resort to classic porn to get turned on, instead preferring to flick through a book of beautiful female nudes... The photos have an immediate effect on Natascha's imagination, and she can't help but start to caress her beautiful body. It doesn't take long until her sensual groans fill the kitchen. In her first video for Ersties, Natascha presents us her front and back alternately, while she fingers herself to an orgasm.
Ersties Natascha Masturbation

Dinner is Served!
Natascha dreams of being in a room full of naked people who all have sex with each other, animalistically following their impulses and desires. All too gladly she would like to give herself completely to this moment without thinking about who she is touching, who is touching her and to be able to watch others. We have to admit that we also find this fantasy incredibly hot. Maybe this would be an idea for a new Ersties shoot... Today, however, we first enjoy watching Natascha spoil herself on her kitchen table. Served so beautifully, we have the perfect view when Natascha reaches for her Womanizer, her next intense orgasm not too far away...
Ersties Natascha Masturbation

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