Ersties Marina L and Natascha Lesbian - 1 December 2020 (1080p/photo)

2-12-2020, 08:38
Sex with a partner is about more than just a quick climax. The physical communication, the exchange of feelings and the build up are part of the excitement. It becomes intense when there is a deep connection, as is clearly seen between Marina & Natascha.
Ersties Marina L and Natascha Lesbian

Bed, Bathroom and Balcony
Natascha and Marina are made for each other. It’s not because both women like dogs and have dogs themselves, although it’s a nice bonus. The similarities they share are not just on a superficial level, they run much deeper than that. They share an emotional connection. If one comments, the other agrees. Natascha and Marina are simply two beautiful women who share similar thoughts, passions and interests… including an interest in each other! This leads to exciting sex between them. Natascha says sex with a stranger can be exciting and lustful, but really deep and exciting fun for her is more likely to happen with someone she knows and understands. Marina thinks the same, and we can’t say we are surprised at that. The two women love each other in bed, in the bathroom and with words on the balcony. It’s the first time Natascha is with a woman in front of a camera and for Marina it’s her first time in the bathtub. Just as intensely as Natascha finds her first experience with a Magic Wand, Marina finds the shower head and Natascha squirting insanely exciting.
Ersties Marina L and Natascha Lesbian

One Speaks for the Other
Natascha and Marina have a feel for each other. Marina finds it very special to get to know Natascha, because she has never felt like a stranger to her. Both answer our questions in unison and express similar thoughts about themselves, how they perceive each other and about their sexuality.
Ersties Marina L and Natascha Lesbian

Natascha Works Her Magic on Marina
It’s the first time that Natascha is in front of the camera with another woman and she is excited, as she shares with us afterwards. But first! The pair strip out of their beautiful lingerie and Natascha determinedly puts Marina on her back. Natascha licks and fingers Marina’s vagina until finally she gives her an intense orgasm using Marina’s own Magic Wand.
Ersties Marina L and Natascha Lesbian

First Times
Being intimate in the shower is a first for Marina, and it’s also her first time watching another woman squirt. With gentle and definite movements, Marina puts her tantalising visitor Natascha in the mood with her fingers and the shower head and then watches as Natascha squirts with pleasure. It’s also a first time for Natascha, because Marina's Magic Wand is an as yet unknown sex toy for the blonde visitor from Düsseldorf...
Ersties Marina L and Natascha Lesbian

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