Ersties Freya A and Ice Lesbian - 2 December 2020 (1080p/photo)

3-12-2020, 20:13
Ersties Freya A and Ice Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Freya the Ice Queen
Introducing Freya and Ice! These two Spanish gymnasts are new to Ersties and make us hot as fuck. Freya and Ice are fast friends, having spent their childhood learning gymnastics together. Now they are travel companions and work partners. We’re lucky that they wanted to demonstrate some of their gymnastics to us as part of their Intimate Moments shoot. Not only do Freya and Ice dance incredibly erotically together, they also do many other exciting things with each other… like bringing each other to climax with their tongues. They are so hot that they melt our icy hearts and make us incredibly horny!
Ersties Freya A and Ice Lesbian
Freya and Ice are so in tune with each other- they move smoothly together as they dance and know their way around each other’s body like it was their own.It’s easy to see their connection when they give each other exactly what they want with their tongues..
Ersties Freya A and Ice Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Who Wants to Dance With Freya & Ice?
Freya and Ice are work partners and sex partners. The sex-positive Spanish ladies got to know each other as children doing gymnastics, and after a long friendship they decided to work together as a performance duo. It’s easy to see that Freya and Ice have a lot in common. They also like to meet people who they can have fun and sex with together. What a duo! In this Intimate Moment, the living room becomes the dance floor and Freya and Ice warm up their bodies with sensual dancing, before becoming very distracted with each other and moving to the couch..
Ersties Freya A and Ice Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Ice Melts Under Freya's Tongue!
You've been waiting for it, we know! Freya spreads her legs in front of Ice's face, who ravenously licks her pussy. Freya returns the favour, bringing Ice to orgasm under her skillful tongue and fingers with an amazing POV shot. But the pair cannot stop and start to finger each other at the same time. This Intimate Moment just gets hotter and hotter...
Ersties Freya A and Ice Lesbian

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