Ersties Inge Masturbation - 7 December 2020 (1080p)

9-12-2020, 07:50
Inge doesn’t like to be annoyed, not by clingy Chihuahuas, nor by men with problematic dominance behaviours. Inge likes and appreciates her freedom, sex and the special places she has discovered to have sex.
Ersties Inge Masturbation

Fulfilling Dreams with Inge
Luckily with Ersties every day feels like a Sunday! Because on Sundays blonde Inge likes to stay in bed. Unless the sun is shining of course, then she leaves her bed to spend the day outside. At Ersties we like to fulfill every wish – it’s a sunny Sunday where we have a bright balcony and a bed for Inge so she can pleasure herself outside in the sun as well as between the white sheets of the freshly made bed. Inge wants nothing more than to cool off in the sun and then get off!
Ersties Inge Masturbation

It’s Not Just the Birds Chirping Outside of the Balcony
Inge loves to have sex outside, especially on sunny days. Her apartment has a balcony with a beautiful view, so it’s perfect for Inge’s shoot! She has a bowl of strawberries on the balcony table and a watering can with cold water provides necessary cooling for her naked skin.
Ersties Inge Masturbation

Hot Places
Clumsy approaches don’t work for Inge. If she is at the mechanic getting her car looked after, it’s probably not the best place to approach her with a bad pick-up line or similar. The result: a cold shoulder and no further response. Inge likes it hot, preferring to vacation in Tenerife or Turkey. Although she has never been to Cuba, we suspect that this could be Inge’s paradise. In this interview you can find out about other places Inge has travelled to, as well as creative places to have sex because limiting sex to the bedroom is boring. Take a hardware store for example… Inge knows which section is the best place for sex! All this and much more, of course!
Ersties Inge Masturbation

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