Ersties Nicky F and July Lesbian - 11 December 2020 (1080p/photo)

12-12-2020, 15:57
A mutual love of dogs and amazing sex is what connects German girls July and Nicky. Because of this their first shoot together consists of intimate action with fingers, toys and a lot of tongue commitment. A sensual give and receive!
Ersties Nicky F and July Lesbian

A Very Tasteful Shoot with July and Nicky
We’re celebrating the comeback of Nicky, who is happy to be able to fulfill her wish of doing a sensual and action-packed shoot with our cheerful and cute Berliner July. Well, it was no surprise that the outcome of this shoot was as breathtaking for the girls as it was for us! Be ready for a lot of fingering, licking, 69ing, penetration and so much more! Lovers of our German Ersties’ girls already know 28-year-old Nicky. She always says what she wants, is open-minded and interested in all things sex. It’s easy to see that she and July have similar interests as July quickly gels with Nicky before gets her very excited… Their shoot is the most sensual and wet give and receive at Ersties! But the girls are not on their own. A vibrator, a glass dildo and a womanizer have also invited themselves to the party. They are more than welcome as July and Nicky love to come!
Ersties Nicky F and July Lesbian

How Does Sperm Actually Taste?
Although Nicky from Saarland is six years older than July, the Berliner has just the same, specific ideas of sex, plus a lot of experience. Other things the girls have in common are their love of dogs, toys, smells during a fuck and their opinion on how sperm tastes. A revealing question time followed by an action-packed shoot!
Ersties Nicky F and July Lesbian

Teasing Is a Sign of Affection…
…and if it’s sensual teasing with July and Nicky, the result will be even more exciting. These two hot Germans don’t need more than a bed in a cosy room because they’re extremely horny for each other! Get ready for action because July does not hold back, making Nicky super wet!
Ersties Nicky F and July Lesbian

Who Needs Foreplay?!
Who needs foreplay when the second part of July and Nicky’s shoot starts with a tasty facesitting!? The more tongues, the more amazing this shoot. From intensive fingerplay to 69 and double fun for July with vaginal AND clitoral orgasms… what more could we want!
Ersties Nicky F and July Lesbian

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