Ersties Nympha and Elena Lesbian - 15 December 2020 (1080p/photo)

16-12-2020, 00:55
Ersties Nympha and Elena Lesbian

Intimate Moments with Nympha and Elena
In Greek mythology, nymphs are female, semi-divine spirits of nature who are exceptionally beautiful and friendly. As guardians of the mountains, trees, meadows and waters, they roam freely and perform dances. They embody eternal youth, fertility and sexuality - and this is exactly what sexy Nympha is all about! The beautiful Dutch girl has exactly the kind of captivating look that drives people to madness and makes them commit crimes. Resistance is useless when she fixes her emerald-green eyes on you: You won't be able to refuse any desire of hers... This must have been what Nympha's husband felt when she revealed to him that she and her best friend Elena no longer only wanted to slip into different characters to cosplay together, but to also have sex with each other. To everyone's delight the Ersties community is even allowed to participate! For Elena it is her first time having sex in front of the camera, but Nympha skillfully takes away her nervousness. After all, the blonde has prepared a lot of special things for her best friend...
Ersties Nympha and Elena Lesbian
We love a sensual girl-girl session and it can hardly get better than with Elena and Nympha! The two cosplay friends love to get imaginative during sex and offer us some hot power plays.
Ersties Nympha and Elena Lesbian

Intimate Moments: First Truth, Then Dare
Nympha has come up with erotic questions for Elena to get into a sexy mood. Which outfit do you feel super hot in? Which part of your body do you love the best? What turns you on the most? The two friends agree that a tender foreplay makes the lust bubble up when having sex. And in their opinion, women know how to do this better than men. Slowly they start kissing and caressing each other’s perfect bodies to the point where they almost lose their minds from all the erotic tension. The seductive chemistry between the pair is palpable and incredibly hot!
Ersties Nympha and Elena Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Do Whatever You Want to Me
What would a woman do if she could be a man for a day? For Elena and Nympha, the answer is clear: Have lots of sex! These two beauties love giving passionate blowjobs and would love to enjoy them themselves. For Nympha this fantasy becomes at least a little bit reality, as she has brought a strap-on. First Elena kneels in front of her, then Nympha takes her from behind with relish. The blonde clearly finds pleasure in her dominant, giving role: without further explanation she ties Elena's arms and legs and blindfolds her eyes so that she is completely exposed to her.
Ersties Nympha and Elena Lesbian

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